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ScribeCount now has Ad Tracking
« on: April 20, 2022, 02:47:19 AM »
Just a quick note to inform you all that we've added AdTracking from FaceBook to the system today. It's a monster addition and has too many features to show here. We have a blog post (with a zillion screenshots) that explains it all but long story short you can now see all your sales in one place AND see your Ads right alongside them. We'll be adding Amazon and Bookbub/Chirp soon.

See the post here:

If you are unfamiliar with ScribeCount we are a sales reporting service that covers all the major platforms in one place, along with a whole lot of tools and other features. We offer a dashboard for both KU and WIDE authors and we have everything you need for the lowest price out there.

Here's a recent post from Dave Chesson at Kindlepreneur comparing us to the other services.

Two-week free trial. FREE for those making $1k or less a month. No passwords. No cookies. No data harvesting. Come give us a try.

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Re: ScribeCount now has Ad Tracking
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I'm so excited, Randall. Saw your post in WFTW about integrating BookFunnel so we'll be able to see how effective our promos are in terms of if we get retailer clicks. This will be great!
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