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Latest Design Cuts Typography Bundle
« on: October 30, 2019, 04:40:31 PM »
The Definitive Designer's Typography Bundle is $29. I haven't tested any of these out yet, but I didn't even hesitate before mashing that buy button.

It might seem Sans heavy, but these are gorgeous and well-crafted sans. I mean none of them are going to be Hoefler's Decimal or Gotham, but most are close runner ups for having a nice combination of voice and timelessness.

Adam Ladd's Magdelin has been a favorite and works well in print and even screen (for ebooks) as chapter displays. (The X-height is too small to use for extended body text, but it could survive in a short paragraph here and there.)

Hartwell is another great Sans and even though I haven't pushed the two together, I think Hartwell and Hermann could be a nice pairing. A goto workhorse that jumps easily between screen and print. (This foundry also has Ryman and Campora, both are nice typefaces, one a workhorse type sans and the other a decorative retro typeface. W Foundry is fast becoming one of my more favorite foundries and the fact that they have three typefaces in this bundle is amazing.)

Letterhend Studio delivers a nice brush script that does a really good job of using character shapes to help with readability.

Sunflower is one of those weird display typefaces that has a distinctly dated look reminiscent of ITC's Souvenir, but slightly updated. The more I look at it, the more I like it. The stress on the lowercase letters could really stand out on a cover without sacrificing readability or legibility.

And then there is Kiperman, like Hermann, it was designed specifically for print and the history of the typeface is a Romantic one. (Well worth the read I'm not sure where I can use it, but I know I can find a place for it somewhere.

I've gone through all of these, looking for an excuse not to buy the bundle, but I couldn't find a single reason. There isn't one clunker in his bunch.


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Hartwell does look really nice. :D
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