Author Topic: Haven't published new in a year, what's new?  (Read 329 times)


Haven't published new in a year, what's new?
« on: May 12, 2020, 01:12:21 AM »
Yay! It feels good to be back.:) Last year my daughter had to deal with bullying problems from school, and the middle school was known as being terrible. Couple that with her special needs and hard grades and I made the decision to get her into online public schooling through k-12. In order to do online schooling, she needed a learning coach to be there for her, so I put her first. That means, my writing slows down a lot, but her grades have improved tremendously.

She only has eight more days left of school, and I will be able to concentrate a lot better on getting my books better organized and my new book published over the summer.

The book publishing world changes fast though, so if anyone has any tips of what/what not to do (even something as simple as terrible pricing to try, $1.99 used to be terrible) let me know. I am not looking for a dictionary of steps, just to see if anything big changed that I should consider. I publish romance (Fantasy, Science Fiction, Shifter, Sweet, and Heat) if anything changed in that arena (especially cover restrictions/summary no-no's, etc.)

Now I have to get back to school. :tup3b