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Kindle Vella opens to the public next month! Time to get your perfect cover -

I have nothing but satisfied customers and 5 star reviews!
I am extending the flash sale this week, it will be ending on Saturday the 19th
I've been compiling a list of errors I find in nearly every self-published book, so I set up a Facebook page that you can follow and get daily tips. My goal is to keep it as simple as possible. Like and turn on notifications because otherwise FB won't show you all the posts I make.

I have one more open slot in late July!
How do you find out what is already on there?

I downloaded the app to my phone, but it demands a login before doing anything. 10k downloads for the app so far is not much.

I did a google search, and nothing comes up about what is already on there.

I like the idea, but there appears to be no findability outside of you publishing your own links to your books. That severely limits potential sales.

I can see this working as a way of sending listeners already on your mailing list to buy a new release, but after that? How do readers who don't do mailing lists or FB groups find your audiobooks?

Is it right that the offer doesn't include any statistics?

What currency do you pay in?

What happens with GST type taxes, and what withholding tax do you take out?

The FAQ doesn't really cover most of the questions an author is going to want to know. imo.
Other Services [Public] / Self publish, keeping 100% of your profits in the process
« Last post by JonFG on June 15, 2021, 03:27:23 AM »
Hey everyone! I'm from Soundwise ( We aim to provide a better solution for indie creators who want to sell audiobooks directly to their listeners. There's no royalty cut, no listener limit, and no limit to audiobook quantity. You also own all copyrights and have access to listener email addresses.

Usually, we charge a subscription fee for our service, however for a limited time we're offering authors a lifetime publisher account, for a small one-time fee. If you're interested, check it out at under the Essentials plan.

If you're looking for an alternative solution to traditional audiobook platforms, then try us out! We are used by over 3000 authors and audio creators, such as NYT bestselling authors Lauren Blakely and Gaelen Foley. Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) just did a review of us. If you have any questions, feel free to comment on this or DM me

If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.

          ~ Stephen King
Custom Covers start at $40, Pre-mades at $35. Come and order yours today!
Hello, lovelies :)

I have availability for projects for the rest of this month, and I'm taking reservations for July if you know you'll need copyedits/proofreads around then too :)

As always, you can see my availability at: and reach me for any questions at

Now booking for July!
Hey, lovely writers!

I'm currently booking for June and the rest of the summer. I've got plenty of space in my calendar at the moment if you need quick turnaround on a project. Please visit for more info, or email me at with word count, date needed, and genre. Pricing is a straightforward $.003/word ($150 for 50k), with a 25% discount for first-time clients. I look forward to working with you! Stay well.
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