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What are Amazon doing now? [Public] / Re: WTF? Where did the ranks go on .com?
« Last post by JRTomlin on June 19, 2021, 01:27:35 PM »
I remember having that happen several months ago. Later I wondered if I had imagined it.   :icon_mrgreen:
It happened to me too a few weeks ago.

Apparently that's just something that happens on Amazon from time to time.
Can you check mine?

Might be that being in Australia they're now hiding ranks on other stores from me.

Edit: And they're back.

Must have been a short term glitch I stumbled into.
Just checked a couple of my books on dot com and all appears normal.
What are Amazon doing now? [Public] / WTF? Where did the ranks go on .com?
« Last post by TimothyEllis on June 17, 2021, 07:56:22 PM »
I was just doing my usual check on my current book


There was no product detail section at all.

I checked another book, and the same.

Serious WTF Amazon!!!!
They seem to have fixed some of it now.

Last update I had to do, the existing description was intact.

So it looks like you need to assemble it in notepad so there's no chance of hidden formatting, use the html tags, and copy it in as source, then let it convert.
The paperback description field has always had this issue, going back years. So does the editor on the old Author page, where you could update the description (only) for ebooks and paperbacks.

For paperbacks I use the basic editor but instead of hitting return I just insert <br> tags, inline.

Sounds like I'll need to do the same thing now for ebooks.
Wonder of wonders, the source was formatted correctly.

So forget about the wysiwyg buttons, and just use text with the html tags, but assembled in notepad to remove any formatting from another source.
And they've changed the submission process again.

This time when I went to change the release date, as well as mangling the exiting description, when I deleted it and copied in the source version, it refused to accept it with big red bars around the box.

So I've entered the source in the normal editor side, and dread to think what they'll do with it on the product page.

Now they're asking for which market place you expect to sell the most books on. Why don't they know already? What is this for?

And now they're showing the pricing info for all marketplaces.

No idea what these changes are for.
I thought I'd chime in with my most recent experience setting up a new title in KDP yesterday.

I've been using Kindlepreneur's description generator to create my blurbs for a while now, and I used it again yesterday. It went through as smoothly as always, with everything I wanted and nothing I didn't want and looks perfect on the book page. Make of that what you will.
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