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Using Vellum with MacInCloud
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Computers and software are not an area of strength for me. I have self-published five books and have the standard social media offerings (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and blog), so I'm not a complete klutz. It just takes me a while to work things out.

One of the areas that's REALLY bugged me is formatting paperbacks. Honestly, it's such a chore that between dealing with the price to buy ISBNs in bulk and the whole process (which can take me days of frustration), I haven't done my last three books in a physical copy at all.

And then I found out about Vellum. It sounds like a terrific program that could eliminate a lot of my angst in that area. The only problem is that I don't have a Mac.

Now supposedly, it's possible to pay for Macincloud:, and I can use a Mac over the internet. Pay by the hour. That sounds workable on the surface, except I can't quite figure out how.

I mean, think of any other program that you download. It's on your computer, and when you want to run it, you go to the menu and click on the icon. It runs. I understand that process.

But how would I even download Vellum? I can't save it on my HP computer, can I? Or maybe I can save it, but it just won't run.

I basically understand how to go about using a service like Macincloud--usually there's a password and you log on. But then how would I run Vellum from there? The Macincloud site isn't going to have Vellum waiting for me in the cloud.

I'm sorry if this is very obvious, and thanks in advance for anyone who stops by to help. : )
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Re: Using Vellum with MacInCloud
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Get in touch with both MacinCloud and Vellum support. They do this all the time. Once you buy your Vellum license, you will give that number to MacinCloud so that you have authorized access to the program on their servers.
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