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[Vanessa Nelson] The Sundering - The Hundred, Book 2 - out now
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Oh, it's been a while since I looked at this thread! In need of serious updating.

All my books are on Amazon and in KU. All covers / links are also in my signature below. I have two series - one complete, one ongoing.

Current series: The Hundred

The Gathering, Book 1:

Scarred by a brutal past, she has sworn to help those in need.

As one of the Hundred, Yvonne cannot ignore a plea for help, even if all she wants is a quiet life, somewhere safe for her adopted children to grow into adulthood.

Safety is in short supply. Young people, some of them children, are going missing in large numbers, leaving bewildered and grieving families behind.  Itís not something she can ignore.

She finds an unexpected ally in an arrogant goblin lord, who seems intent on following her from place to place. With her skills in magic, and his resources, can they track down the kidnappers and return the children home?

The Sundering, Book 2:

Nowhere and no one is safe.

When some of her most trusted friends strip away her rank and her calling, Yvonne is left shocked and bleeding.

Worse is to come. Not only are children still going missing, but she learns that the death of an old friend might not have been natural.

With old friendships torn apart, Yvonne must work out who she can trust if she is to find the truth.

(The Reckoning, Book 3, will be up on pre-order soon.)

Complete series: The Taellaneth - reading order and links to Amazon US store here:

Concealed, Book 1:

Revealed, Book 2:

Betrayed, Book 3:

Tainted, Book 4:

Cloaked, Book 5:

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Re: [Vanessa Nelson] The Taellaneth - series complete!
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Cloaked, the fifth and final book of the series, goes live today (links and blurb in the post above).

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Re: [Vanessa Nelson] The Sundering - The Hundred, Book 2 - out now
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It's been a while since I updated this thread!

I've just released The Sundering, book 2 of my new series, and updated the original post.

All books / links in my signature below, too.

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