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Any Indie musicans here?

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Pretty sure there are some musicians on here, and I would be interested in hearing about anyone who has attempted selling music independently. My husband is a guitar player, and although I say it, he's very good. He's not really looking to earn a living from music, but hopes to record an album someday. He likes to follow his own muse, not the market. He knows about recording equipment and what-not, but what would you do with the music once it's recorded? When people were making good use of amazon ads, it seemed to me like a terrific opportunity for indie musicians also, to be able to target a specific musical niche. But has that ship already sailed for people just starting out? How do you find your listeners?

Any thoughts from anyone are welcome.


Post-Crisis D:
Not a musician, at least not one anyone is going to want to listen to, but from what I have seen a good number seem to promote themselves through YouTube and sell their music on iTunes.

PJ Post:
Tons of opportunity out there, but success is as much about social media as it is about the music. In many ways, it's just like selling books. Beyond a decent product, you have to engage with your audience/fans.

The simple analysis is that there are tons of amazing musicians out there, like an unbelievable number - it's crazy. But playing isn't the same as writing memorable songs. Turns out, it's kind of hard to do. So, yes, the market is super-saturated, but not nearly as much as it might appear.

The important bit is that the music business is changing. It's no longer album based. It's all about the single. Sure, down the road you package them just like a box set for additional revenue, but it's the singles that keep you relevant - and TikTok length hooks are even better.

It's just like writing. If he wants to do it - then he needs to just jump in and start uploading and sharing. But the most important part of social media engagement is that you have to be consistent. Don't start until you have the time for regular posts, like as close to daily as possible. Instagram is a great way for musicians to interact with fans and network with other musicians by posting little song snippets and general music stuff. YouTube is another great platform. But you have to have the songs available before you can market them. And make them available everywhere. Distrokid is a good start. It's like D2D for music.

I'd recommend Adam Ivy and Damian Keyes over on YouTube for music industry marketing advice. Go by the more recent videos, though. The Indie scene has changed so fast that some of the older advice is no longer relevant.

Oh, and just like anything these days...Branding and Messaging are everything.


--- Quote from: Post-Crisis D on April 27, 2021, 01:17:29 AM ---Not a musician, at least not one anyone is going to want to listen to, but from what I have seen a good number seem to promote themselves through YouTube and sell their music on iTunes.

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My husband's friends use iTunes but they had a fanbase before the internet or even CDs. River, does he play out at all? Or will he when COVID is over? That's a way to introduce your music to new people. I have a friend who does original music and videos, next time we get together I'll ask her for some more details.

Al Stevens:
I'm a retired jazz musician (among other things) and I've produced one CD and written a lot of songs that only I performed publicly. One of my tunes was picked up by a record producer--he heard it when I uploaded a track to my Facebook timeline--but he was unable to sell it to a performer. Turns out, he was selling to the country-western genre, and my work doesn't fit there.

It's a highly competitive field and it has to do with who you know. If I were going to re-enter it, I'd start by bugging the successful performers that I've worked with to see if they'd want to use my songs.

The only road to success as a performer I can think of is to keep booking gigs in venues where you might be discovered, keep exposing your work on social media, and hope for that one-in-a-zillion lucky break.


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