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Any recommendations for scanning old typewriter pages?

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Anyone have any recommendations for scanners and OCR programs specifically for scanning and converting to text very old typewriter pages? I'm talking 60-70 year old typewriter.

One of my relatives wrote a diary which I want to digitize to ensure it's never lost.

But so far, I've been unable to achieve a good enough OCR conversion to be useful. At the moment, typing it in from scratch is a better option. And I'd rather not.

Anyone done this recently? If so, how?

I'm quite happy to upgrade scanner and OCR, but no idea what is worth getting and what isn't.

I've already tried and rejected all the testable tablet apps, and my existing old scanner and free OCR. Not going to invest in a paid OCR without at least seeing a successful convert first.

Post-Crisis D:
I've used Readiris.  Does a decent job.

With old typewriter pages, it would probably help to set the scanner to darken while scanning.

I usually use a high-end scanner on a digital press, so that's not likely going to be an option for you.  My father has a real good desk scanner.  Can't remember the name of it offhand, but they don't make it anymore anyway.  They have a newer model available but it gets fairly bad reviews especially compared to the older version.

Post-Crisis D:
As a matter of disclaimer, I should point out that I usually retype rather than use OCR.  Even the best OCR software will have errors and I generally find it faster to retype rather than run through OCR and then edit.

The same for me - it's usually quicker to re-type than to correct OCR.

Another option is to scan each page and convert them to PDF. That's what I did with my old type-written diaries. I then uploaded a (rather large) file to Lulu and got it printed out as a book. It was time consuming to do but a good end result.

As someone who can insert more errors into a retyping job than the OCR scanning creates, I'm on the side of better OCR, not typing. Is there a copy shop (or what used to be called one) that can handle the job for you? They would have better scanners than your home version and know when to adjust for the lightness.


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