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TV/Movie Talk [Public] / Re: The CW Doing a Babylon 5 Reboot
« Last post by Jeff Tanyard on Today at 02:53:43 PM »
Upon seeing this thread title, I was immediately horrified.  So I went a-googling for more info:

This caught my eye:

Creator of the original show J. Michael Straczynski will write the project and act as executive producer under his Studio JMS banner.

Confirmation from JMS's twitter:

Not just producing, but writing.  Color me optimistic. 
Its a discounted price. Like half of what they plan for full version i think and you get a forever license.
They're charging for a BETA?

(I haven't tried it because of that BETA tag. InDesign is kind of high learning curve and always a little clunky. Scrivener is almost unusable in my experience. So I'd be open to a PC "Vellum" that's more of an Easy Button(tm) than what I have now. )
Formatter's Forge [Public] / Re: Anyone used Atticus for print editions?
« Last post by Lynn on Today at 09:33:00 AM »
I think Kindle Create is nice, if you don't mind the in-built themes. I have my own themes that I use for my series that use chapter images and my own fonts, plus I have a certain way I like the page numbering and headers to look. So it doesn't work for me. But if not for that, I'd be pretty happy with it.
TV/Movie Talk [Public] / Re: The CW Doing a Babylon 5 Reboot
« Last post by Eric Thomson on Today at 08:40:49 AM »
Considering the Hollywood hellmouth turns reboots into brain-damaged pap, we'll probably get Wokeylon 57.
I've been happy with amazons kindle create so i haven't tried atticus.

I'd probably try amazon to create my pb first before buying a program.

Marketing Loft [Public] / Backlinking
« Last post by R. C. on Today at 08:05:22 AM »
I revamped my WEB site, started a series of low-cost ADs, and in two days, traffic is up 73% and rising!

If I have interacted with you, or you are kind, I am happy to add your backlink to my Friends and Recommendations page.

A DM or an email will suffice.  I will need:

URL - Your public facing WEB site.
Short Description
Link to logo type image - I will check with you to add a nice image if you don't have a link.

An in-kind backlink would be nice but absolutely not required.


PS - The site is not monetized, I receive nothing but good karma.
PPS - Of course, I retain the right to refuse.
TV/Movie Talk [Public] / The CW Doing a Babylon 5 Reboot
« Last post by Post-Crisis D on Today at 07:24:58 AM »

Bad enough that it's another reboot but add The CW to that and, oy, I cannot help but wonder how much of a disaster this is going to be.
Amazon conducts rolling tests across their servers. Unless they roll something into production, what you and I see will differ from what others see.

Also, an unpopular opinion...

I hope Amazon replaces also-boughts (in all its variations) with ads.

Doing so would certainly switch things up and redistribute sales. It would take away power from the digital imprints and anyone else who uses an immense mailing list to clump books together, creating a store within the store.

It would also kill any long tail from Bookbub featured deals.

I don't hate it, because it would likely benefit me.

It may be time for them to lose the alsobots. It was different when the alsobots better reflected readers' tastes and not just publishers' manipulations. (Assuming that was ever true in the first place.)

It would benefit me, too. I can more easily influence ad results than also-boughts.

All of us can influence also-boughts to an extent, but ads provide more stability, predictability, and granularity with metrics.

Moreover, if I'm smart, I'm targeting titles and authors that my audience enjoy anyway. If I'm advertising a home-brewing book to Christian romance fans, I'm doing it wrong. lol
Marketing Loft [Public] / Re: Written Word Media launches Reader Reach ads
« Last post by R. C. on Today at 12:53:15 AM »

Sorry your results are so disappointing. Obviously WWM does not have the lock on how to ace FB ads after all.

No, but they have the lock on how to maximize their profit. I give in and try them about every year or two but no more, no matter how tempting the package they put together.

This new AD format is disappointing. I have had success with the "regular" AD services with WWM.

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