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NEW!! Deluxe Beta Reading/Proofreading Package - INTRODUCTORY SALE!!


Hello wonderful writers!

Are you looking for a beta reader who will be thorough, affordable and will deliver your MS on time? I'm an author, blogger and experienced beta reader, and I'm accepting new clients.

My preferred genres are urban fantasy, YA (all genres), women's fiction, romance, historical romance, thriller, mystery, paranormal, and literary fiction. I'm happy to read sci-fi if the characters don't drown in all of the tech.

By popular request, we're introducing our DELUXE BETA READING PACKAGE!

Available for manuscripts up to 100k with a guaranteed three week turnaround, our deluxe beta reading package includes the following:

    Comprehensive chapter-by-chapter feedback on plot, pacing, dialog, character, and continuity
    An annotated copy of your manuscript
    Proofreading of the draft you submit to us
    A 30 minute consult to discuss our feedback

This comprehensive package is available for $200, but we're offering 15% off for a limited time!

Visit us at for client testimonials and to book your beta read today.

Regular beta reading packages available for .001 per word. Each client receives a reading agreement and guaranteed delivery date.

I hope to connect with you soon,

Cat :mhk9U91:

Just a note to say my appreciation for Cat Skinner's work. She's thorough, accurate, critical, and has a great sense of plot integrity and structure, as well as an uncanny eye for typos. You get a lot of value for your money with this lady. Take advantage of the bargain offers she posts here from time to time.

Hi Cat  :mhk9U91:


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