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Hi there, Writers! I'm Amy, a proofreader, hanging out my shingle. 

About Me:
As an avid reader of self-published books, my aim is to help indie authors release their best possible work. I have a B.A. in English from the University of Texas at Austin, with experience proofreading fiction for indie authors, and non-fiction for university professors. I have also taught high-school AP English, and published multiple romances and cozy mysteries. On the personal side, I love dogs, mountains, movies, and my husband of over a decade.

In my work, you can expect quality, reliability, and punctuality. I enjoy proofreading a variety of genres, and I look forward to working with you.

Services & Pricing:
*Special Introductory Offer!*
To fill my calendar and build testimonials, I'm offering 25% off to first-time clients. If you provide a testimonial, I'll also take 15% off your second project.   
My standard rate for proofreading is $.003/word (example: $150 for a 50K word manuscript).

Payment is via PayPal. I require half of the project's total cost prior to beginning work. The remaining half is due when I return your proofread manuscript.
At this time, I only offer proofreading. I am happy to proofread a sample of up to 1,000 words, upon request.

Turnaround times:
2 days for 60K or less
3-4 days for >60K

*Please visit my website to access my contact form (needed to book a project) and for additional information*


I am so happy to have found your service. In spite of my dozen read-throughs, it did take one final polish by a pro to make my book actually shine.

Your attention to every detail and all the little mistakes that you caught make me comfortable that readers can now focus on my story, rather than those too darn frequent grammatical and consistency errors.

For other authors, I want to add that Amy's service was reasonably priced and her turn around was very quick.

Thank you!
John Campbell

Thanks so much for your kind words, John! I enjoyed working with you. :)

Hey, lovely writers!

I'm currently booking for June and the rest of the summer. I've got plenty of space in my calendar at the moment if you need quick turnaround on a project. Please visit for more info, or email me at with word count, date needed, and genre. Pricing is a straightforward $.003/word ($150 for 50k), with a 25% discount for first-time clients. I look forward to working with you! Stay well.

Booking for July!

More info at Or just email with word count, date needed (deadline), and genre.

Have a wonderful weekend, and a safe and happy 4th if you're in the U.S. :)


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