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Hi everyone! :mhk9U91:

I'm Alexa, and I've been proofreading for self-published authors for about 4 years (3 of them with the help of kboards).
I've worked with hundreds of authors. You can find some of their testimonials on my website. Here are some screenshots of their posts as well.
I'm also a self-published author, so I know all about the struggle. Aside from proofreading, I can also give you writing advice. There's a FAQ on my website where you can read more.

Please use the website to contact me about proofreading - I'll need the details from the contact form.

Follow my FB page for editing tips! Most common errors in self-published fiction.

October is all booked up! Now booking for November :)

Got a few more open slots in November, folks!

Got one more open slot in November, and now also booking for December!

November's all booked up, and so is half of December! Please use the website to submit your book.


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