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Gaylord Fancypants:
Hey all, I am Gaylord Fancypants, a full-time author of romance and erotica. As you might expect from my name, I focus on MM fiction and also have very fancy pants. While I am not principally an editor, I do edit on a freelance basis. Rates depend on length and how much work something will need, but generally I'll charge about $50 for a day's work. A 100,000 word novel that doesn't need a ton of work might take three days, so around $150.

I also ghostwrite if anyone wants something written to order. Obviously I specialize in gay erotica and romance, but I've done everything from children's books to splatterpunk. Rates will vary a lot more, so I'm not going to quote an amount, but message me here (or for a quicker response, email me through my account here) and we can talk about it.


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