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FREE Developmental Edit During The Holidays!


Sing Editing:
Hey Everyone!

My name is Stacy and I am a freelance proofreader and editor for self-publishing authors. During the Holidays I'm offering to do a free developmental edit on your book!

Services I Offer

Developmental Edit: This is all about the big picture. I'll help you with the organization and structure of the theme, pacing, plot and character development in your book.
Copyedit/Proofread: I'll address any grammatical and punctuation errors as well as fact checking inconsistencies and typos.

Genres I Work With

My favorites are in Romance, Memoirs, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, Cookbooks, Mystery and Young Adult. If your work is something outside of these genres feel free to reach out to me as I am open to most genres, except horror. Please don't send me any horror/gore-filled books.

I know sending out your book that you've labored intensively over to some stranger can be a bit intimidating, but I want to assure you that we'll be working as a team together. If you have any questions or just want to reach out feel free to message me!  Grin


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