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I'm on their email list - they have some other author resurces and I signed up for a couple of sessions at one of their online conferences (actually I'm not sure it was branded as a conference) as there were some authors I liked speaking. They've since tried to get me to join some kind of coaching scheme but I really prefer to spend the time writing. Anyway, they are always very polite and pleasant!
The old serials didn't have that economic problem because they typically appeared in publications that had more than just the serial. That's not the case here.

I think the [Vella] concept has a future--if Amazon can figure out better promotional and pricing strategies.

An Amazon fiction magazine?
I think we're talking about two different things. Yes, Amazon supports series far better than it used to, and the series pages are working well.

But the short-segment serial (Vella in this case) Amazon doesn't seem to have found its way with yet. I have noticed a Vella banner occasionally that advertised the existence of Vella, but there's still no visibility in the main store for individual Vella serials, at least not that I've seen. And the review complaints about not liking the app or not liking how short the segments are, etc., look pretty serious to me. And then there's the problem of a customer paying far more to get a Vella serial than they would have if the serial had appeared in book form in the first place. A few reviewers indicated they didn't care, but others say they're dropping Vella and waiting for the serial to come out in book form.

The old serials didn't have that economic problem because they typically appeared in publications that had more than just the serial. That's not the case here.

I think the concept has a future--if Amazon can figure out better promotional and pricing strategies.
It's good to hear that the situation is at least a little better.
I'm not saying you're wrong about serials, but Amazon at least hasn't yet found a decent commercial model for them.

That's what the series page promotes.

A great deal of the SF&F series these days are pure serial.

I read a freebie last week which turned out to be totally serial when it wasn't expected. The book just ended in the middle of things, without even a decent cliffhanger.

The only thing Amazon is not doing is the universe page for multiple series in the same serial universe.

Everything I write is serial. It's all based in a large universe with a timeline.

I could be doing it on Vella, if Vella had been available in 2015 and there wasn't any restriction to living in the US.

Instead, I'm doing it in novel length books, with a few shorts thrown in as well.

Apart from stories set in the past, my main timeline is not yet 4 years old.

And just about every book has references to what came before it.

The long series, in multi-series universes, does work.

So much so that the sliders on my books are full of long serial series.
Marketing Loft [Public] / Re: historical fiction free book promotion
« Last post by notthatamanda on December 01, 2022, 01:55:30 AM »
Update - they rejected me. Not complaining, just reporting.
Writing advice from another source:

“Amid all the bombshell revelations about fallen crypto king Sam Bankman-Fried, a seemingly trivial bit of information might tell us everything we need to know: He doesn’t read books….'I don’t want to say no book is ever worth reading, but I actually do believe something pretty close to that. … If you wrote a book, you f---ed up, and it should have been a six-paragraph blog post.'”

"Sam Bankman-Fried doesn’t read. That tells us everything." Washington Post   Nov 29, 2022
Marketing Loft [Public] / Re: "Shopping on Amazon has gotten worse" - ?
« Last post by TimothyEllis on November 30, 2022, 11:11:59 AM »
Is that the same issue you're having? Is the problem that there's no publisher in Australia picking up the rights to some of the things you want to read?

That's how it's always been. Even the big 5 who have subsidiaries here didn't always release popular books in the US here. And when they did, they used different sizes a lot. We stopped getting the US mass market paperbacks for example, and started getting bigger sizes, with higher price tags on them.

Amazon cuts through that now.
Marketing Loft [Public] / Re: Mastodon Yeah or Nay?
« Last post by Post-Crisis D on November 30, 2022, 05:32:00 AM »
I'm not on Twitter, so I really only see stuff that's quoted elsewhere.  One of the ideas I've seen mentioned, though--and to which Elon responded with some interest--was about making the video aspect of Twitter a viable competitor to YouTube in the "content creator" sense.  If they can do this, and the monetization model proves attractive enough to content creators, then there could potentially be a mass migration from YouTube to Twitter.  That's an absolute game-changer in the tech and social media sphere.

Whether it actually happens or not remains to be seen, of course, but I know lots of YouTube creators have been frustrated with YouTube's rules and actions for a long time, and many of them will jump ship just as soon as a viable alternative arises.

I would definitely like to see a viable alternative to YouTube.  For a long time, I've wanted to do video but I have not been enamored of YouTube and the alternatives are almost nil.  I thought about Vimeo but its limitations are, um, limiting.  So, I just can't find the motivation to do the videos I would like to do when the outlets are unappealing.

If Twitter Video (or TwitterTube) becomes a viable candidate, I would "jump ship."  Well, board the ship.  I mean, technically, I have a YouTube channel but since I don't have any videos uploaded . . .
I get a lot of clicks on my ads, which would seem to suggest that not everyone screens them out. I don't get as many sales, but since the beginning of my publishing career, Amazon ad sales have amounted to about 9% of my total sales, though that figure it artificially low because AMS ads didn't exist at first. I think I would have gotten closer to twice that in ad sales if they'd existed from the very beginning.

It's lower on KENP reads, but they started tracking that sometime recently, so I don't know how complete that stat is also. Also, there's no way to measure how many additional purchases and reads come from greater visibility generated by the additional sales and reads as a result of ads.

Anyway, this month so far, I have 43 sales generated by ads, which isn't much, but probably a reflection of my relatively low budgets. If even a low budget can do that much, that's evidence that people aren't just ignoring the ads.
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