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Marketing Loft [Public] / Re: Penguin Random House & TikTok Team Up
« Last post by Hopscotch on September 25, 2022, 07:27:10 AM »
I'm not sure that TikTok is where the readers are for most of us.  I'd rather find a way to get all our books "banned in Boston" (or I guess it's Texas these days), then everyone would want to buy and read our stuff.  That's a platform to go after. :hehe
Marketing Loft [Public] / Re: Penguin Random House & TikTok Team Up
« Last post by idontknowyet on September 25, 2022, 01:20:26 AM »
One of these days indies need to unite and form their own sales platform.
The only problem is it needs to be started by a collective of prominent authors with credibility and a huge fan base if it stands any chance of working.

Otherwise we're going to keep fighting an uphill battle with trads and book platforms.
Marketing Loft [Public] / Re: Gumroad for direct sales
« Last post by writeway on September 24, 2022, 03:02:23 AM »
Coincidence, Scribecount just announced on FB they are adding Gumroad to their platform. Next they'll be adding McDonald's and you'll be able to keep up with your burger orders through the platform.  grint Seriously, wonder how many features they're going to add?????? But, yeah, for those who use both maybe you will find that welcoming.
Marketing Loft [Public] / Penguin Random House & TikTok Team Up
« Last post by writeway on September 24, 2022, 02:58:21 AM »
PRH will be able to influence BookTok and possibly other things on TT from now on. Read the article to see what's on the horizon. Once again, the big pubs use their money to stay in control.

When it comes to cause and effect, politicians are the modern equivalent of the village idiot.

At least in the U.S., pols are unabashed shills for the interest groups that line their pockets. What's the French pols' excuse?
France has always been the leader of the asinine and stupid.
That sounds like the typical idiocy of people who don't know how the net works.

The freight is always included somewhere.

If it's not added on the end, then it's in the price charged for the item. You just need to browse eBay and Amazon to see it in effect.

And given the high cost of freight these days, there can't be that much difference between anyone who freights anything. Only those doing huge volumes would be seeing any relief, and not all that much.

People who get books sent out know they are paying for the freight. They accept it.

So where is this actually coming from? And who is it really aimed at?

It certainly won't make any difference to Amazon.
From The Guardian (UK):

“France’s crusade to protect independent booksellers against huge online retailers was stepped up on Friday as the government proposed a €3 (£2.66) minimum delivery fee for all online book orders of less than €35….France is seeking to stop what ministers have called ‘distorted competition’ against independent bookshops from online firms who deliver books for a charge of as little as €0.01….In contrast, independent bookshops, in order to keep their narrow margins, had to charge much higher post-office prices when delivering books, sometimes rising to €7….France will notify the European Commission of its plan for the minimum delivery fee, which will take effect six months after the EU grants approval.”
Marketing Loft [Public] / Re: Gumroad for direct sales
« Last post by Lorri Moulton on September 23, 2022, 09:59:22 AM »
I sell in the US.  It would just be nice if they kept track of the state sales tax.  :dog1:

Last time I checked, they didn't have a way to interact with TaxJar.
Publisher's Office [Public] / Re: Bookfunnel's new ARC protection features
« Last post by idontknowyet on September 23, 2022, 06:57:12 AM »
I'm kinda weird with how i advertise and it probably kicks me in the butt. I don't actually spend any money on ads until a series has atleast 3 books released. The ads don't usually make enough of a profit to be worth it on less.
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