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[Al Stevens] New release: Zen and the Pantser's Muse
« on: February 25, 2019, 11:10:01 AM »
Zen and the Pantser's Muse
Released 2/24/2019


Are you ready to become a pantser? Fiction writers everywhere are divided into camps of “plotters” and “pantsers,” and many plotters want to change camps.

Aspiring writers who are at the start of their careers similarly want to learn how to write from the “seat of their pants,” but there aren’t many guides available to lead them along, because pantsing, being a right-brain exercise, is hard to explain.

Writers can tell us how they “pants” in case by case portrayals, but we often have difficulty explaining how we got there, leaving bewildered new writers thinking that special gifts beyond their reach are required.

Zen and the Pantser’s Muse leads the novice writer as well as the seasoned plotter through the pleasant route to pantsing via meditation and writing exercises. You might not be a full-fledged pantser when you finish this book, but you’ll be prepared to discover your way there.