Author Topic: Falling Into Vegas: co-written w/ Marilyn Vix Contemporary Romance  (Read 853 times)


So, just had a new release with Marilyn Vix. We both wrote a novella just a little over 2 years ago called Thankful in Vegas.
Now, the sequel is out called: Falling Into Vegas   :banana-riding-llama-smiley-em

Here is a little about it:
Is dating a gambler in Vegas a good idea?

Especially if you work for him?

Fran has fallen hard for a Las Vegas gambler, Dex Luxom. But he’s also her boss. That doesn’t stop the passionate love affair happening between them. What started as a job opportunity has sprung into a full-blown affair. But when Fran finds out she looks like his dead wife, will it put a damper on their relationship? Or will the bullets flying past her when they are taking a romantic day trip make her rethink dating a gambler was a good idea? It all comes down to the New Year’s event that may split them up or bring them closer together.

Here are both links for the books since many people like to read the first bk before the second. But you don't have to.
Enjoy! -Lynda

Thankful In Vegas:

Falling Into Vegas: