Author Topic: 60,000-word Mafia Romance For Sale  (Read 910 times)


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60,000-word Mafia Romance For Sale
« on: June 15, 2019, 07:39:45 PM »
Hello everybody :icon_cool:

A while back, an old client of mine came back and asked me to write a 60k mafia romance novel. Knowing that he'd put the contract together quickly, I started working on the book.
However, two days later, he said that he didn't want the book anymore due to family crisis.
Eventually, I finished the book.

Dual POV, plenty of action, steamy scenes and of course, HEA. No cliffhangers. I know how much readers hate them Grin

Price: $1600 (+ Free Blurb)

Please pm me for details and samples.

Thanks and happy bidding! :cheers
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