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The Doctor


My latest romance, What Becomes of the Broken Hearted? is available as an ebook and paperback.  :dance:

Douglas and Alice are convinced their spouses are cheating...with each other.

Teaming up, they take their entirely inept investigation on the road. Following their spouses across the UK, the spurned twosome take one epic road trip that turns out nothing like they expected. Their detective work makes them a team, the fun and adventure makes them into something more.

For fans of Sophie Kinsella and Jenny Colgan.

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The Doctor

I have 10 UK promo codes and 10 US promo codes to giveaway for a copy of The Twin Dilemma audiobook from Audible.


Armed with my luggage, money and passport, Jen's ran away to the airport and it's too late to catch her. Now her boyfriend's turned up and - guess what? - he thinks I'm Jen!

I could protest. I could stay in my lonely flat and sulk while my sister lives it up in Las Vegas for the next few weeks. I could even call the police.

Or maybe I could use this situation to my advantage.

My name is Sara. My twin's just stolen my life. Now it's payback time.

You can hear a sample here

If you're interested in receiving a promo code, please DM me here or, alternatively, contact me


Genre: Weird Fiction | Science Fiction | Fantasy | Horror |
Gayle Ramage Website