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[Eugene Lloyd MacRae] Released - Assassin - The Stopper Files
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Rory Mack Steele Series
 4-Stealing a Country
 5-The Echelon Mind
 6-The Chinese President
 8-Fire Plague
11-Knights of the Golden Circle
12-The Overstolz Code

Whiskey Empire Series
1-King of the Bootleggers
5-Burn Powder

The Stopper Series
1-Iron Pipeline
1-Iron Pipeline
2-Economic Hitman
3-The Gunrunner
5-Dark Money (coming soon)

Bulldog Malone Series
1-The Diamond Heist
2-The Banker

The Global Space Fleet Series
1-The Stars Cry

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Assassin - Book #4 in The Stopper series
Release date: January 9, 2019
Genre: Thriller

When those close to Merlin Arthur Dragon become targets of an assassin, he immediately springs into action, throwing caution to the wind to hunt down the perpetrator.

But Interpol's Stopper soon finds himself the target of a massive manhunt by his own organization.

How did things become twisted so quickly?

And why?

What - and who - is behind the French Gendarmerie Nationale threatening to hunt him down and kill him?

Unless Merlin can find the truth to those questions, death will be the final answer.