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3 day free KU promo
Day 1. BK Knights & It's Write Now (freely selected) = 399 units
Day 2. Fussy Librarian (for free! I've used them for paid but never a free promo so they ran this one for $0) = 1229
Day 3. Freebooksy = 2644
Total = 4293

Cost me $122

I've done around ten $.99 promos over the past year and a half, but this is my first free ebook giveaway. The book is still new, published April 28. It's Paranormal Romance/fantasy.

I really couldn't do any of my marketing without the information you guys share. Hopefully this helps in considering promo sites. I'm impressed with Freebooksy and, although it's not 28,000 books like Bookbub claims, it still landed me #1 in Paranormal Witches & Wizards Romance, #1 Occult Magic, #1 in Dark Fantasy Horror, and 51 in the top 100 free ebooks on US Amazon. That gives me visibility for my series and as a new author. Whether I'll have a tail, I dunno. But hopefully it will garner more reviews and prepare readers for my upcoming sequel in another month.

Of course Fussy Librarian did awesome for free. I'll use them in the future.

And for $12 for BK Knights with 400 units, why not?

Writer Sanctum has helped me with lots of my KU questions. Thank u for all your posts!  :ws

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Re: Three day free ebook promo results. Sharing is caring, right?
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Thanks for sharing. I find these threads immensely helpful!
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