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[C.D. Noir] Footfall at Follies launches indie pub venture
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Crime author C.D. Noir and Barefoot Bard Books (fferyllt) release the first of a new crime series: Footfall at Follies. Set in Times Square, the traditional mysteries feature colorful characters, perplexing homicides, and a generous helping of local flavor to spice things up. Going wide with Barefoot Bard Books is still a work in progress  :doh: but owes a huge debt of thanks to the wisdom freely shared on :ws.

Broadway is a deadly place to be a dancer.

Mac Moynahan isn't a murder cop anymore -- he's a P.I. with an office in Times Square, a top hourly rate, and a touch of boredom. On a sizzling night in July, he meets a girl in a darkened doorway; the next morning a dancer stumbles across a gruesome discovery; a blues-belting hacker breaks into his office and saves his bacon; a former Rockette makes him an offer he canít refuse; and heís back in the game, working a homicide from the wrong side of the street. 
As Mac struggles to navigate the tangled world of the Broadway dancer, his bartender girlfriend points out a few things he's overlooked. His new, never-hired office manager has a flair for detection -- and a talent for petty crime. Weird things start happening to his office. His own demons threaten to overwhelm his legendary skills. And then he runs smack into a tragedy he can unravel but he can't control. 

Behind the bright lights on Broadway, the real horrors lurk in the wings.


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Murder in the Actor's Chapel, the second novel in the Mac Moynahan Times Square Mysteries, is now live on four sites: Amazon, Kobo, Google Play and Barnes & Noble. Even with an all-Mac set-up, the tsuris with Apple Books continues. Soon to be resolved (I hope). Meanwhile, Indie Crime Scene was kind enough to dig into Barefoot Bard Books a bit -- -- and the Big Apple is still a bloody mess with only a motley crew of outliers to sort things.

Fame is fleeting but infamy will haunt you.

A voice from the past breaks into P.I. Mac Moynahanís pre-dawn workout and drags him back to a world of mortal sin and sacred ritual.

A vintage playbill pinned to the door of a famous church, a bloody corpse staged in a copycat chapel, a priest bound by the seal of the confessional, some slick hacking by his method-acting office manager, and a few yellowed photographs send Mac in search of answers long-buried among the dead.

Broadway legend Leo Albion outlived his fame ó but not the one person who hated him enough to track him down and kill him. And as Mac closes in on a motive, if not a suspect, someone is tracking him.

A macabre murder, an elusive killer, a missing motive and a twisted tale of wealth and perversion rival the darkest tragedies of Shakespeare.