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[M B Reed] The Events of 1968: An Alternative History
« on: May 09, 2022, 08:03:28 PM »

I have just published on Amazon:

The Events of 1968: An Alternative History

On price promotion: only 99c / 99p until 14 May.

The second novel in the Pentacle Papers series of funny and thought-provoking techno-thrillers, set in the period 1968-75 in a world where Britain signed a peace treaty with Hitler in 1941. Should appeal to lovers of British humour, speculative fiction and Sixties nostalgia.
A prequel to 'The Hammond Conjecture' (semi-finalist in the Self-Published Science Fiction Competition
The novel follows Thomas Hammond from shy, insecure and sexually confused schoolboy to a centred young man who has learned the difference between sex and love, and who is prepared to fight for whom, rather than what, he believes in.
Tommy doesn’t question his sheltered, repressed life until he meets Iona at the Sixth Form disco. She introduces him to a world of Left Bank intellectuals and left-wing philosophers. When King Edward VIII appoints a populist kleptocrat as PM they become politically active, organising a schoolkids’ trade union. But as democracy collapses and fascists and anarchists run wild, their relationship also hits the rocks. Iona is sucked into Maoist fervour while Tommy drifts into Sixties psychedelia.
Around them, a cast of journalists and spies, soldiers and activists - and an underground resistance movement - scheme, deceive and betray one another.
In August the political violence reaches its peak at a rally in Trafalgar Square. Does Iona survive? Can Tommy save her? Will she return to him? Does he really want her to?