Author Topic: 8th Annual Back to School Blog Tour 2020 Taking Sign-Ups Now, Children's Authors  (Read 932 times)


The Back to School Blog Tour 2020 will be happening soon. Im planning and figuring out ways to support distance learning, teachers and students during this crazy and scary pandemic. Authors are encouraged to sign up and have available extra support items like lesson plans for their books, study guides, and anything else you can think of to help support students and teachers during these unusual educational times. Plus, creating your own author giveaway is OPTIONAL. Some authors like to, but it's not required. I'll have an overall $25 Zon gift card giveaway for the whole blog tour.

The Back to School 2020 Blog Tour will be Monday, August 31 through Friday, September 4.

Sign-ups for authors are being taken now!
This is the one time of the year I like to feature free submissions for interviews of authors, but will also be giving priority to authors that sign up through my gig. If youd like to request to be a participating author, please go to the comment form link below, and fill out the information to participate.

If youd like to apply to be a participating author, fill out the comment form letting me know you are interested. Ill get back to you with the information to participate. You can also post your submission on this thread or ask me questions. I've gotten a lot of my writers from this board and THAT OTHER BOARD through the years. And I'm finding this year, teachers and parents need our help more than ever.

Link to Comment/Submission Form-Free Submission

Information Page/Post about the Blog Tour on my blog:

It's a simple procedure too. I send out the questions, and just need the answers back. You send me your bio pic, and book blurb, with buy links. There will be a basic giveaway that I do, which will be a $25 Amazon Gift Card. If you'd like to run your own giveaway, it will be featured on your page for your interview, and then I'll do a rundown list of giveaways at the end of the blog tour. Best thing to do is to leave the giveaway open for a few weeks after the initial tour closes. That way, you get more sign ups as people stop by to read the posts. But keep all the prizes electronic. I ran a romance giveaway just before the pandemic hit, and I postponed the giveaway for 2 months. Eventually, I had to mail things beginning of June. But I was like, from now on, all giveaways are electronic prizes. ;-) Like ebooks.

Anyway, any questions, just ask.

Here are some posts from last year's blog tours to give you an idea on how it looks.
Day 3 of Back to School Blog Tour 2019:
Day 2 of Tour last year:

So, any questions or comments, please leave in the thread.

-Mrs. Turner


Still have slots open. It's a great opportunity to get the word out there about your children's book and help support teachers/students during distance learning. They need books! -Tiff


Update: Slots are filling up. Got some left if you'd like to participate. Two weeks to go.  :banana-riding-llama-smiley-em
Please ask any questions in the thread or PM. -Tiff