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Kobo Plus arrives at Australia and New Zealand!
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Great news! As of today, we have officially launched Kobo Plus in Australia in partnership with Australian online book retailer Booktopia! And that's not all! We have also launched Kobo Plus New Zealand, giving book lovers unlimited access to hundreds of thousands of eBook titles for a monthly subscription fee. Read the official press release here.

For those who need a refresher, Kobo Plus is an all-you-can-read subscription service that we’ve been offering in selected regions since 2017. Subscribers pay a flat monthly fee to read unlimited books for as long as they are enrolled in the program. Authors and publishers are paid based on a revenue-share model

Reach a whole new audience

Australians and New Zealanders are spending more time reading that ever before, and we're looking forward to bringing those readers even more options. We’ve found that the subscription model serves a different type of reader to the à la carte model. This is a great option for those voracious readers who love to binge an entire series over a weekend. It’s an opportunity for you to make your titles—and especially your backlist—more accessible than ever to a wider audience.

Tony Nash, CEO of Booktopia, is excited about the partnership, and the ease of eReading when travelling: “Kobo eReaders are a very popular option for travellers, and with access to so many books for a single, low price we would expect a healthy take up of the Kobo Plus subscription option, as people begin to emerge from lockdowns and can once again explore their travel options.”

No exclusivity required
Kobo Plus requires no exclusivity! We have never asked for exclusivity and we never will. We want to empower you to run your business independently, and to decide where you want to sell your books.

No time limit

While we do encourage authors to give Kobo Plus a couple of months to see the results, we understand that running your own self publishing business requires a bit of trial and error. Because of this, we’ve removed the previous time requirement from Kobo Plus, allowing you to try submitting your whole catalogue, just some of your backlist, or just the first books in your series to see what works best for you.

Choose which titles to include

At KWL, we want our indie authors to have the freedom to make their own business decisions. There is no restriction on how many or how few books you enrol in Kobo Plus.

More money; fewer problems!

Our sales data from Belgium, the Netherlands and Canada suggests that having your books in Kobo Plus has a positive impact on à la carte sales. Publishers sell more à la carte, and generate increased revenue from subscription sales on top of that.
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Re: Kobo Plus arrives at Australia and New Zealand!
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I distribute to Kobo through D2D, and I just had my first ever sale in New Zealand. Maybe that's what triggered it -- thanks for the information.

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