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Good news. I just got word from Prolific Works that they'd like to feature this giveaway in their newsletter on Sept. 2. WAHOO! For that reason, I've extended the giveaway to Sept. 8th. It's still a limited time, and should motivate readers to download before the deals end.
But very excited that the giveaway is being considered for the newsletter. I'll let you know when it is confirmed. It was pending that I updated the giveaway and made it to Sept. 8.

Meanwhile, there is still 20 spots still open to join. Sign up now before they are gone. Looks like this giveaway will get some exclusive coverage through the Prolific Works website. Really excited to see this happen. Love to have you share the opportunity.

Marketing Loft [Public] / Re: Pricing for pre-order
« Last post by Rosie Scott on Today at 07:17:14 AM »
I have never offered a pre-order discount and I've had a similar experience to VanessaC. The higher prices for later books didn't put people off of pre-ordering. My series goes from $3.99 > $3.99 > $4.99 > $5.99 > $5.99 > $6.99 and each book had more pre-orders than the last.

Personally, I've never pre-ordered a book but I have pre-ordered lots of video games. The ones I do are ones I'm raring to play right away and want to support the developers with as much money as possible. I figure books are the same way. If readers want it bad enough, they'll pay the full price and be happy to do so. There have been times where I've held off on buying books on sale because I want to pay more to support the author, but that's only if I'm a huge fan. Given the biggest fans are likely to be those to pre-order, I'd have to think pre-order discounts only cut into an author's profits without providing much benefit.
Marketing Loft [Public] / Re: Open Road Newsletter
« Last post by Eclectic Dan on Today at 05:42:42 AM »
I don't see a breakdown by genre of those 800k subscriptions.  Looks like they have five genre sites, so who knows how that 800k breaks down on a per genre basis.  One of their genres is romance, so could the bulk of their subscribers be on the romance list?

They do indicate that 75% of their subscribers are 45 or older, so I wonder if physical books might be a better seller than eBooks to that base?
Marketing Loft [Public] / Re: Open Road Newsletter
« Last post by Denise on Today at 04:52:48 AM »
The rankings are terrible. I signed up too, and I'll check the rankings from the newsletters, but it doesn't look promising.

In terms of price, perhaps they have deal with trad publishers and then it's not as expensive. Maybe the idea is to compete with Bookbub but discouraging indies? 

That said, maybe it's not true that they have 800k subs. I mean, they should have advertised to get those subs, right? How come we've never seen anything? We're also readers and could have been targeted by their ads if such ads existed.
Marketing Loft [Public] / Re: Open Road Newsletter
« Last post by WasAnn on Today at 03:53:49 AM »
I took a sampling from their web page and checked ranks. Nothing scientific, but if they were actually moving books, I think I'd see better ranks.

I wonder how many of their 800K subs are actual book buyers. That's the rub.

I might...if I'm brave them and ask specific questions about that. Anyone have suggestions about what to ask and how best to ask it?
Marketing Loft [Public] / Re: Open Road Newsletter
« Last post by WasAnn on Today at 03:50:58 AM »
I've run ads with them on the general list as well as some genre-specific ones. I had to pay by check at the time so hopefully they've gotten past that. No issue getting accepted. Didn't see results I'd want to pay for again at the price they charge.

Would you mind more details? Was this a long time ago? A few months? How many subs...etc.

Marketing Loft [Public] / Re: Pricing for pre-order
« Last post by LilyBLily on Today at 03:28:13 AM »
I've tried it that way and also tried knocking a dollar off for NL subscribers. Didn't make any difference. The only time a pre-order actually worked for me was when Amazon must have contacted the people who bought Book 1, because at that time I didn't advertise and I have never discounted Book 2; its sales were good anyway from the get-go. (Good in a minor number, that is.)

I just got a NL from an author I admire, and her latest book was offered at only 99 cents. I bought it right away because I wanted to read it, but I would have bought it anyway at whatever the regular price ended up being. So there's where the author loses. The true fans do not care about the price. I hope my purchase at least contributed to a rank rise that helped her visibility.
Marketing Loft [Public] / Re: Pricing for pre-order
« Last post by VanessaC on Today at 03:04:17 AM »
I run pre-orders on my books, and as I'm still starting out and write in series the pricing is 0.99 for book 1, then 2.99 for the rest in series, and I set my pre-orders up with those prices.

I found that as I worked through the first series, the number of pre-orders increased as the series went on - don't get me wrong, we're still talking very small numbers - but the "high" price didn't put people off pre-ordering.

I think if people enjoy your books, and you're reasonably priced, then they will pre-order to make sure they get your book.

Just my tuppence worth.
Marketing Loft [Public] / Re: Pricing for pre-order
« Last post by Gerri Attrick on Today at 02:27:15 AM »
Thanks, WasAnn.

Yes, Iíve done the 0.99 launch for my nl subs before now and itís just an exercise in leaving money on the table. My sales numbers werenít that much better for it, either.  :HB

I do feel, though, that there has to be an incentive for people to pre-order. I just wish I knew how to do it without losing any money - I certainly shanít be running any ads on it.
Only 95 words written yesterday.  :icon_cry:
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