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Quill and Feather Pub [Public] / Re: Goodreads and your books.
« Last post by Maggie Ann on Today at 04:01:37 AM »
I think I initially spent some time on Goodreads, set up my author page, etc. Then other people started uploading old covers and when I learned those couldn't be removed, I was a little ticked. There are old and new covers there. And I absolutely hate the idea that just anyone can add covers/books there. So after my initial time investment, I rarely ever go back. As others have said, it's a great readers resource.

I also disabled Facebook as a log in. I try to keep that Goodreads (amazon) account as separate from my social media as possible.

Good idea.
Quill and Feather Pub [Public] / Re: The Any Words a Day Club
« Last post by Maggie Ann on Today at 03:48:12 AM »
2,040. Sunday is always my best day.

Over 50 words written today for the first time since the middle of the week.
Publisher's Office [Public] / Re: Pre-orders and KU
« Last post by NathanBurrows on Today at 03:29:10 AM »
The reason I asked is that Iíve got a book coming out of KU soon and had put it in for a BookBub. Then I realised that would be a wait for it to appear in the other stores. Bit too enthusiastic on my part, so Iíve cancelled the featured deal application.
Formatter's Forge [Public] / Re: Formatting Templates?
« Last post by SCapsuto on Today at 03:24:49 AM »
I've been using The Book Designer templates for both ebooks and print for a few years and am basically happy with them. For ebooks, for any given template, try doing the conversion in both Kobo's and D2D's converters, and use whichever one comes out closer to the original layout.
Just to add myself to the Brit parade.
Slap bang in the middle of England although, continuing the theme, I do consider myself British first and anywhere else later :)
Came across a tricky vocab mix-up: hocking one's wares. It should be hawking.
Quill and Feather Pub [Public] / Re: Lifespan of a Series.
« Last post by angelapepper on Today at 01:55:16 AM »
... You still have to feed the beast.

I MUST FEED THE BEAST -- is my new slogan. :-)
Publisher's Office [Public] / Re: Pre-orders and KU
« Last post by angelapepper on Today at 01:53:48 AM »
The reason is because you could effectively be wide all the time, letting your renewal lapse for 2 days while the preorders go out, then re-enrolling for the benefits.
Quill and Feather Pub [Public] / Re: Do You Write Full Time?
« Last post by pwtucker on Today at 01:48:41 AM »
I write full time!
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