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The definition of "published" has changed a lot. Now anyone can take a Word doc, publish it and call it a book. That doesn't mean it's a book, or even of book length.

Lots of pamphlets, small how-to books the size of novelettes, and other specialty items. Many are scraped content of garbage, thrown up in hopes of getting some sucker to buy a copy every month or two, and not bother to return. Do that times 1000 and you have a living in many parts of the world.

Of those which are books, a tiny fraction have commercial potential. Most will never go anywhere. Many are poorly written memoirs published primarily for family.
It's unfortunate that the Worldometer data is based on Unesco information that in most cases goes back to 2011 or earlier. It's probably even higher now.
Book Talk [Public] / Over two million book titles published just this year.
« Last post by Tonyonline on October 21, 2018, 11:34:17 PM »
See Book stats - Worldometers. And increasing every minute.
Amazing huh? Maybe not the worlds a big place.

But what I did think was quite amazing is that according to justpublishingadvice a new Kindle e-book is published every five minutes, now that's a lot.

I did try to find out what are the most popular fiction genres, but after finding this from last year on publishedtodeath I gave up.

Anyhow. I'd imagine many of you know all this already, but for those who don't, it makes for an interesting read.
Book Talk [Public] / Re: More proof that books make you smarter...
« Last post by Eugene Lloyd MacRae on October 21, 2018, 10:09:56 AM »
I used to chew on the books we had around when I was a kid. Not sure it made me smarter. :shrug
All kinds of mysteries including some boxed sets. Historical, cozy, paranormal and we're holding discussions of these books back at the blog. But you can discuss any books that you fancy in just about any genre (erotica excluded - sorry).

Giveaways include ebooks, audiobooks and print books.

I'm not Bear Mountain Books. That's my friend, Maria E. Schneider, author of UF, mystery and fantasy with a twist of humor.

Here's the promo

and here's Maria's blog

Oh, yes, I'm somewhere on that page, too, and I'm giving away stuff as well. 

Margaret Lake (Maggie Ann to my WS friends)
Book Promotion Board [Public] / Re: Promotion Rules
« Last post by Maggie Ann on October 21, 2018, 04:51:25 AM »
I'm about to post a promo but, since most promos last a week or less, that means I can only post it the one time. There are nearly 30 different authors in the promo but I haven't seen any of them here. Except for me, of course. That means the post will most likely not get bumped and will quickly sink into oblivion.


Book Promotion Board [Public] / New Release Announcements.
« Last post by TimothyEllis on October 21, 2018, 01:03:23 AM »
Anyone can post their new release in this thread. The book should be less than a week old, with a maximum of 2 weeks. Day of release is best.

Rules: State the release date. Thumbnail should not be bigger than the one on Amazon's product page. Ideally, right click on Amazon's thumbnail, and use the image icon to insert it here. You can post the blurb if you want. You can post links to all places it is available. You may mention it is in KU. Only new release posts. No discussion please.

As an example, my last release. (although it is technically outside the range)

Crossover: Its a Jon Hunter thing. Released Oct 1 2018. In KU.

Jon Hunter is back. Whether he likes it or not!

Be careful what you ask for. A higher being might be listening.
It's been 2 days since Jon Hunter reset the timeline, by locking the Darkness away forever.
2 days of grateful rest. For him.
For the rest of the team, it feels like a year has passed, and they're stuck in a limbo they cannot escape.
Jane wants Jon to get back to work, and a higher power seems to want the same thing.
But Jon isn't ready yet, and Jane thinks he only needs a wakeup call.
But when has anything Jon Hunter related ever been as simple as a wakeup call?
Weird is normal for this team, but this is Crossover, and all you can say is…
…It's a Jon Hunter thing!
Book Promotion Board [Public] / [Serena Spacey] Science Fantasy Sweet Romance
« Last post by SValentine on October 21, 2018, 12:27:33 AM »
I have been waiting to put promotion for this pen name. This is the name I hope I can take to new heights. If you like science fantasy, especially with some time traveling too, and you like your aliens or shifters . . . sweet. :heart: You know, a little  :kiss: and that's it? I have some books you might like. (Modifying and adding as time goes by. Not bumping just modifying.)

Yes, I know it's nowhere near Valentine's Day too. My main goal is to get my old books back out there, so that I can start publishing my newer work again. (That's why I am organizing too. It's more for my benefit, giving me determination to keep going.) Besides, I have Christmas just around the corner anyhow too. Two of them so I am focusing on other things. These are coming to lots of retailers and print. If you don't see yours yet, it just takes a little more time. (Click the book to choose where you want to scope the book out at.)

Specific Genre Tagging:

Holiday Time Travel Romances (Science Fantasy, Sweet with just kissing and no foul language)

Holiday Time Travel Romances (Science Fantasy, cursing and can have violent or complicated plots)

Not Available yet. Coming soon though. :mhk9U91:

Super Paranormal Heroes.
Kissing book but it's definitely violent with cursing.

Shifter Heroes: (Science Fantasy, sometimes Time Travel, usually clean.) My shifters are sweet or bad, but they all tend to be on the side of good instead of just as a side dish of sexy.)

NA yet. I am working as I can.  :mhk9U91:

Fairytales: Often violent science fantasy romance.

NA yet. I am working as I can, like above. :mhk9U91:

General Science Fantasy Romance (May Include Time Travel, might not.)

NA Yet. You know the drill. :mhk9U91:

Have you ever lived in a small town? Worked at a small school or church? Maybe a drive-in?

Life moves at a slow pace in the small Texas town of Eastlake, as portrayed in this collection of short stories spanning six decades. For most folks, the school calendar drives the social calendar and on Friday nights, everyone turns out to support their hometown Eagles, but from 1957 to the present, Sully’s Drive-In has always been the town’s true center.
Love the covers! I need to check these out!
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