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READ HERE FIRST >>>> About the Forum [Public] / Re: Signature Tool
« Last post by TimothyEllis on February 19, 2019, 05:49:24 PM »
Moved to the Read Here First section, so people can find it with the other tools and suggestions.
In the list above, I left out an important feature in the newer Signature Mill]/\. You no longer log into and out of Signature Mill with a password. It uses your login info from the forum that launches it. If you run Signature Mill from outside an SMF forum, you are treated as a guest. You can search Amazon for products, build a signature, and paste the BBCode into wherever you wish. But none of the work gets saved in a database when you end the session. Next time you run the program, it's from scratch.
It's been a while since I've posted. Signature Mill is still available for your use in its previous configuration:

I'm working on a number of changes. If I can get all this to work:

  • The program will run from within any SMF forum such as Writer Sanctum.
  • It will be oriented to all products, not just books. I found very few writer/book forums that use SMF and few others that use BBCode signatures.
  • It will automatically update your profile signature on command. No more Profile/Summary/paste required.
  • I will probably (emphasis on probably) host the Amazon AWS search part of the application from my site. I ran into blank stares when I mentioned the AWS public/private key requirement.
  • Installation will involve copying the sigmill folder to a forum's server and inserting one line of code in the SMF subs.php file. I might automate that in an install program.

I cannot install Signature Mill on Writer Sanctum. I do not have access permissions to the source code files and my request for such access was denied. You may continue to use the standalone version however.

I have looked into releasing it as an installable "mod," but the coding and formatting requirements are stringent, and the potential for collision with other mods is high even though I'm adding only one line of code to one file. I might wait until they release 2.0 before I get further into the mod mess.
I cant fix things people don't talk to me about.

And just because you think it might be a problem, doesn't mean I've either seen it, or think it is as well.

2 options:

  • Send me  PM.
  • Post in the suggestions area.

Point out what the problem you see is, why you think it's a problem, and what you would prefer to happen.

Nothing about this forum is cast in stone. But some of it will need a good presentation to change. Make a case. You might find it gets changed as soon as I see it. Or not. You won't know until you ask me.

Nothing frustrates me more than people ranting about something which could have been changed after a quick PM.

Don't rant, ask me first. Give me a chance to fix it.

READ HERE FIRST >>>> About the Forum [Public] / Re: Welcome.
« Last post by M.SusanneWiggins on January 22, 2019, 08:31:05 AM »
Okay. Everyone can relax… I’m here now. (←That was satire… actually, you can all snort now at my arrival.  Grin) I would like to ditto-thank the forum owner/creator for establishing this site. May it grow, take off, succeed, and then flourish to a monster-level of bougie-ness you’d never envisioned! ;) You have my best wishes for a successful future; I'm looking forward to seeing it grow.

Again, thank you. Take care and have a beautiful day, everyone,
M. Susanne Wiggins
Does it need to be installed into the forum itself other than a menu or link addition?
It can run elsewhere, but there has to be mySQL and a database on that site. The program adds a table to an existing database, which it has to know how to access. It cannot use the forum's database constants. The configuration file is set up to handle that. The database name, user, and password have to be encoded into the configuration file.

Just tell me how you want to do it and provide to me the data constants for host, user, password, and database name. And the link to a localhost phpMyAdmin if you have one.

Installation means:

1. Copying the source files to their own directory in SMF's Sources directory.
2. A few mods to the TSMSettings.php file for configuration.
3. Adding link(s) to the forum code.

The configuration uses the database settings from the SMF Settings.php file, so nothing need be done there.
It also needs the host's AWS credentials (two keys) granted by Amazon in order to run searches.

Details are here:

I prefer to have your site host the tool. My host cannot handle heavy traffic.

I can perform the installation if you wish including adding the link to the WriterSanctum forum. I'll need ftp access to your site's Sources directory. We can use my AWS credential keys until you get your own. I can't guarantee that mine won't expire. We'll leave my tag as the default until we change to your credentials. The search engine uses that along with the keys to identify who's sending queries.

I shoiuld also have phpMyAdmin access to your database so I can troubleshoot if any problems arise during installation. Just provide the link to where that is run from. Unless you have a different utility for managing the database, in which case I'll need access to that.

With all that I should be able to assist with other database tasks you come up with. I've gotten to know mySQL pretty well with this project.

The exchange of these keys, passwords, etc., should, of course, be done in PMs.

Timothy, do you want the signature tool installed into Writer Spectrum?

Define 'installed'.

I'm happy with the tool being on your site, and we add a menu link, or a text link somewhere.

I'm also happy to host the tool on your domain name if you dont want the final version on your site. (Could be a lot of bandwidth use if it is used a lot.) I've got plenty of available resources for it here if you need to host it elsewhere.

Does it need to be installed into the forum itself other than a menu or link addition?
Timothy, do you want the signature tool installed into Writer Spectrum?
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