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Forum Announcements [Public] / Re: Zombie-able offenses.
« Last post by David VanDyke on Today at 03:17:56 AM »
While I don't disagree with any specific detail, it's wise to remember that this is standard progression for any governing/modding/controlling entity in any arena: expanding the specific offenses, constantly defining new ones, making new rules that were only principles before--the expansion of regulation in an attempt to improve the situation. Many times, the new rules are unnecessary, and in the long run, counterproductive.

For example, the "swearing at someone" is clearly part of the "attacking someone" principle. So, no need to make that rule. In fact, making it opens up the situation to hairsplitting from those that love to push the rules and ignore principles. Juvenile and criminal minds love rules and hate principles.

"Disrespecting" is also very vague. One man's disrespect is another's debate. Disrespect would have to be very clear and deliberate to get modded, I hope--which IMO ends up back at "attacking someone" anyway.

The whole "making a confusing statement" is even more vague and subjective and is starting down the road to unmanageable arbitrariness.

It would be better to stick closely to clear but flexible principles rather than "rules." Principles such as (just examples, not a comprehensive list):

Be polite.
Be professional.
Don't do it if you wouldn't do it with your mother in the room.
Don't be evil.
Attack ideas always, behavior sometimes, people never.

One of my favorites, from 20Books: Don't be prescriptive. (This means, don't try to tell people they MUST do something any one way. There are many ways to do things).

Forum Announcements [Public] / Re: Zombie-able offenses.
« Last post by TimothyEllis on Today at 01:01:08 AM »
If anyone wants to add any, suggest here.

We had a 'make look stupid' moment today, and it got zombied. It made me think we needed an actual statement about what is zombie level behavior.

Fortunately we don't get a lot of moderation required moments here, but I have my lines, and I am drawing them.

Forum Announcements [Public] / Zombie-able offenses.
« Last post by TimothyEllis on Today at 12:56:56 AM »

The following are grounds for a post or group of posts to be zombied (split off and moved to the Zombie opt-in area).

Attacking a member.

Disrespecting a member.

Swearing AT someone (as apposed to just making a swearword comment).

Making a confusing statement, not clarifying it as asked, and then telling someone there is no point in clarifying it because they wont understand anyway. (This behavior is about making someone look stupid, and won't be tolerated.) The entire exchange of posts will be zombied.

Deliberate hijacking of threads to ensure the original topic will be derailed, may be zombied at Admin discretion, if deemed not worth splitting off as a separate thread. Hijacking to shut down any topic will not be tolerated.

Forum Announcements [Public] / If you decide to delete your account, contact me.
« Last post by TimothyEllis on October 05, 2019, 12:09:18 AM »
I've turned off the ability for people to delete their own account and all their posts.

Every time this happens, I find whole threads missing, where the deleted username was the OP on the thread.

Until I can find a way (read coder) to split off the first post when this happens, so threads are preserved when usernames are deleted, anyone wishing to delete their account will need to contact me to get it done.

I'm also not happy with the proliferation of guest**** posts, so have turned that off as well, until it also can be handled in a better way. They become ghost posts, which cause their own problems.

If you ask me to delete your account, I will split off any threads where you are the first post, and then delete the account with all it's posts.
The bitcoin spammer was ejected. Seems to have been only 1 at this stage.

But if it happens again, let me know who, and just cut and paste their message into a pm to me.
I got it, not sure how to send it to you, or if I need to at this point. It seems to have been sent to a lot of folks.
Forum Announcements [Public] / Please don't PM spam. Report any occurrences please.
« Last post by TimothyEllis on September 17, 2019, 12:37:16 AM »
It's come to my attention there is spam being sent to members using private messages.

If you receive anything you consider spam from another member, please copy it to me for my attention.

Spam is the only thing deleted from the forum on sight, and while I cannot police PM's, I will terminate the member sending spam once identified.

The offending message which sparked this was about bitcoin. But regardless of the topic, if you get unsolicited material from another member, report it to me please for investigation and action.

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I set up the original sig before Al automated it, but I couldn't remember how I did it.  :angel:
Anything new happening with the signature tool? If not, any other way to update a signature?

You can always update it manually.

That's what I've been doing. I copy the whole thing to notepad, edit it on a full sized screen, and copy it back.

Al has been the only one to tackle the signature tool so far. He went with an automated approach, which subsequently turned out to have issues at Amazon's end.

The original idea was a more manual version of KB's, but Al wasn't happy with doing it that way. The result was really good, but ....Amazon.

And so far, no-one else with the skills has come forward to try, or been found.

Anyone is welcome to give it a go. But it needs to be a separate entity from the forum, although I will host the result if needed.
Anything new happening with the signature tool?
The project has been terminated and the tool disabled. There were problems with the Amazon search protocols. Plus I was not allowed access to the forum's code repository in order to install and test the tool in a live environment.
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