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I have to DIY now, but I hope in the future to pay for some things, at least. The main thing is always, what's the ROI between doing it myself and hiring it out.

I also grew up having to do stuff myself because there simply wasn't any money to hire people. Fix house, fix car, mow yard, whatever needed to be done, had to be done ourselves. It's something to be proud of, but also very tiring and it can break the spirit at times.
Quill and Feather Pub [Public] / Re: Your Crazy Dream (tm)
« Last post by She-la-te-da on February 15, 2019, 11:58:00 PM »
My crazy dream has always been to win a Nebula award (and a Hugo, but lately that seems like more trouble than fun). I've wanted to do this since I was a kid. I'd be respected and known in the SF community, and people would like my books.

My goal is to make a modest living from my writing so I don't have to be worried about real estate holdings under bridges and overpasses.
Quill and Feather Pub [Public] / Re: Propulsive, yet not too fast-paced...
« Last post by She-la-te-da on February 15, 2019, 11:47:59 PM »
Jim Butcher (The Dresden Files) had a good bit on scene and sequel on his Livejournal pages. He had quite a bit of stuff about writing there. (I say "had" because I have no idea if it's still there.)
Quill and Feather Pub [Public] / Re: My Title is Taken
« Last post by She-la-te-da on February 15, 2019, 11:43:51 PM »
I'd say not to deliberately use or tweak a well-known title. Any book that was made into a movie was likely trademarked for the title and other elements, so that would supersede the thing about titles not being copyrighted.

Some things are so common they've been used a lot. I came up with a title for my UF book, but there were like a gazillion things already with that name, so I thought and fiddled and came up with a unique title. A few months later someone published a book with a title along the same lines, which I wasn't happy about, but meh. Not much I can do about it.
If it turns out "Woman" was plagiarized that's a different story, but no one has made that claim.

Not publicly, I'd guess. And not likely to happen, from what I'm hearing in private groups. It's the author's prerogative if charges are made.

I get that the guy may have a mental illness. He seems to be amazingly capable of making things work out to his benefit, rather than the other way around, which I find doesn't usually happen with diseases of this sort.
Quill and Feather Pub [Public] / Re: Good books on writing series?
« Last post by She-la-te-da on February 15, 2019, 11:32:01 PM »
I haven't heard of any books specifically for writing series. Maybe Chris Fox has done one? You should be able to find a few websites that talk about series writing, I know I've come across some a while back. I looked through my bookmarks and didn't see any (I've got a few things for serials, which aren't really the same thing in most ways).

Edit: Just did a quick search, and no books came up, but several websites did that look interesting.
Hi everyone,

The forms are available for the April cross-promotions. As always, they run for the entire month and are free to participate. Full details are on the forms.

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Thank you :)
Thank you for the support. I still have slots available for March.
Publisher's Office [Public] / Re: KDP pre-order issue
« Last post by David VanDyke on February 15, 2019, 03:32:10 PM »

Oh, actually that is the point.

No, you're moving the goalposts.

You said this:

Also as costumer I would'nt be happy about to pay more for an item than expected/ agreed on. So to cancel my pre-order and informing me about the price change would be in my interests as costumer. In my opinion Amazon acted appropriate.

That is where you missed the point. Nobody would ever have paid more for an item than expected/agreed on if it worked as it does on .com. To cancel their pre-order and inform them of the price change, would not be in their interest as consumers if the price went up. It would only in their best interest if the price went down.

In this case, people who ordered it at 3.99 lost their lower 3.99 price due apparently to German law. That is hardly in their best interest.
Publisher's Office [Public] / Re: KDP pre-order issue
« Last post by David VanDyke on February 15, 2019, 03:26:24 PM »
Yes, perhaps that's why it works differently between .com and .de.

Ain't international business fun?

Live and learn.
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