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Last night I composed my email to my subs, scheduled a few posts on Twitter and Facebook, and set up a blog post. The whole thing took less than half an hour, and I have two Twitter accounts, the DCL one and my personal one. There's no excuse for not doing your part if you're signed up for this. The reminder emails went out Monday morning and last night, and a few people haven't opened either. Also, a number of the titles have not yet dropped price, which is fine, because the sale is still a few days off; but if you haven't opened the email, and you haven't dropped price, it makes me think maybe you signed up and forgot. So I'm just dropping this note here as a reminder.

Yes, every author should have Google alerts on themselves and their books IMO. The only downside, if it is, is that you discover a lot more piracy, which can be distracting.
Quill and Feather Pub [Public] / Re: 50+ words a matter what!
« Last post by Maggie Ann on April 24, 2019, 10:29:56 PM »
Dan, if I could transcribe, I could type it directly into the laptop without a recorder go-between. Even typing a few paragraphs aggravates the shoulder.

Sorry, I meant you could transcribe it later, when you're all healed up.

Our voicemail system at the office automatically transcribes messages and sends them in an eMail.  They are usually very, very wrong, but it might make for some entertaining writing.   :icon_think:

Okay, that's a thought.

I used to take lists of my co-workers names and run them through spell check. That was definitely entertaining. Now spell check is much more sophisticated and I wouldn't get such weird (and sometimes very apt) names.
Quill and Feather Pub [Public] / Re: I just wanna be Amanda Lee
« Last post by VanessaC on April 24, 2019, 09:41:44 PM »
I hadn't heard of Amanda Lee before this post, though I HAD read the thread somewhere where a writer was continually doing 9,000 words of writing and 9,000 of editing a day (obviously, that had to be Amanda - I didn't read/remember the name, I was just in awe of the word count).

I haven't seen any snarkiness in this thread, either.

I'm not religious, but if I was, I have a new deity to worship - a woman with that word count who also mows lawns and fixes cars. I would put her on a pedestal and bow before her if I could (no snarkiness, just genuine admiration and awe).

It's 7.30am. I'm going to feed my three stallions, mow our lawn, check the boundary fence up the back (neighbour's cattle keep coming from their 3,000 acres on to our lowly 100 acres), run to town to pick up parts for the little tractor, head over to our son's farm for a bit (30 year old executive - broke his ankle trail biking last week, and enjoying having mum bringing him food), do the washing, procrastinate, dilly dally, dither, and daydream, then find some time to write and aim for 2,000 words. In between, I'm going to be thinking of Amanda and wishing her well, because she is truly inspirational.

I'm seriously impressed - I'm exhausted just reading about your tasks for the day.  And you manage to write, too??

Also, learned way more than I ever knew about kangaroos between you and Captain Cranky - thank you both.  Making a serious mental note to never, ever, ever go anywhere I might meet a kangaroo in the wild without some serious back-up.

(I live in Scotland - the most dangerous thing I'm likely to encounter outdoors is my lunatic dog, who decided to run into me full tilt earlier today.  He's fine. I'm nursing some heavy-duty bruising, more from where he hit me rather than where I hit the ground. Pets, eh?)
Editors & Proofreaders [Public] / Now booking for June (proofreading)
« Last post by Alexa on April 24, 2019, 09:14:27 PM »
May's all booked! Now booking for June  :icon_cool:
Quill and Feather Pub [Public] / Re: I just wanna be Amanda Lee
« Last post by notthatamanda on April 24, 2019, 08:42:50 PM »
Wow.  We saw some at a zoo a couple of weeks ago, but now I'm thinking they must have only been females.  None were that big.
I have my amazon page in my back matter but I state to follow me for notifications on new releases on bookbub or books2read and have those links.

David - saw your recommendation on google alerts, um, elsewhere, did not know that was a thing, signed up.  Thanks!
I'm offering a 20% discount to any Writer Sanctum members who book editing or proofreading slots before the end of April!

--Stephanie Parent

I think it's time to remove Amazon Follower links from backmatter.

There goes the baby with the, backmatter...
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