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With regard to covers, one thing that's nice is now that I understand to focus on the genre for the cover, I can get started a lot sooner.

That's totally fair, but I haven't even been given a response to schedule my cover. I have everything ready to go. Blurb, stock photo, examples of other covers I liked, etc. They already know what genre I work with because they've done my first two books. They did know I'd be contacting them in July and had no issue with the time frame.
I'm going on 48 hours now, so I'm getting close to the point of throwing in the towel. I really like this designer, got a lot of compliments on the two covers they made, but I don't think more than 48 hours is reasonable. I'm with Lynn on that.

I'll wait until morning and then contact the other person I have in mind.

Going forward I plan to ask a few more important questions:

1. How long does it normally take you to respond to an email?
2. How long does it normally take you to design a cover?
3. What does your schedule look like for the next XXX weeks/months?

If I'm missing anything, please let me know so I can ask that too.
Dan, I'm glad you recreated your drawing!  And Maggie, your book sounds very intriguing.

I spent last night making a video that I hope will get people to try my books.  We'll see.  LOL :pdt

Thanks, Lori. I'm hoping for at least interesting, but I'll take intriguing. ;)

Good luck with the video. I have a few up on youtube but never could figure out what to do with them.

Finished editing the WiP last night. Nearly 25K and 104 pages.
With regard to covers, one thing that's nice is now that I understand to focus on the genre for the cover, I can get started a lot sooner.
Occasionally, messages go to spam.  Sometimes quite inexplicably.  Just the other day, an order from a customer came in and I did not see it until two days later when I happened to check the spam folder.  Made no sense why it went to spam; it used similar wording to previous eMails from them that did not go to spam.

This has happened a few times, so I try to make a habit of checking the spam folder, but I don't do it every day because most days, only actual spam is in there.  Probably 95% of the time, only spam goes in there.

So, it happens.

Even addresses I have whitelisted still occasionally end up flagged as spam.

Oy.  And, of course, if you disabled the spam filters, you'd be flooded with junk.  I have one eMail account where I don't have spam automatically sent to the spam folder.  I manually send the spam into the spam folder.  And I'd say maybe 80-90% of the messages I receive at that address are spam.

And, occasionally, real messages end up lost in the spam and I end up accidentally throwing them into the spam folder!

So, whatever method you use, you're gonna lose and real messages end up in the spam folder.

I hate spam.

The bottom line is that, before giving up, it's a good idea to send a follow-up eMail just in case the first one went to the spam folder because you never know.
Bar & Grill [Public] / Re: RIP Internet: 1991-2019
« Last post by Shoe on Today at 03:58:17 AM »
A timely headline in HuffPost (now basically just a shill for Amazon and Target) appeared today regarding failing media companies. It's a long piece (I read it in three chunks) but there's a lot of interesting stuff regarding the future of news site, Facebook, and Millennial culture:
I wrote 235 words for the lame space opera today.  It really needs a lot of work.  I like the prologue but I'm not yet happy with anything else.

I ended up writing more on the regular space opera yesterday, so I finished with a total of 350 words on it yesterday.  And I've written 269 words for it so far today.

I'd really like to finish the lame space opera first, because it was supposed to be an easy thing to finish, and I thought it would give me something in the genre to release prior to the regular (more serious) space opera.  The plan was for the lame space opera to be around 30k words.  Maybe 40k?  But it's at about 33k right now and nothing much has really actually happened yet.  There's supposed to be tons of space battles and whatnot and it's a lot of dialogue.  Except for the prologue.  The prologue is pretty balanced with action and dialogue.  The rest, ugh.

I spent last night making a video that I hope will get people to try my books.  We'll see.  LOL :pdt

Good luck with the video!
I'm making sure to X out of the reader before saving.  I had a file get mega corrupted since I started the long listen.  Word offered to recover it - Text only, no formatting.  Oh dear gawd no.  I had backups.  So even though I can't be sure that's what caused the corruption, I'm going to close out of the reader before I save it at the end of every chapter.

Also, sorry Alexa, your take on the transliteration of Hebrew is pretty funny.
Editors & Proofreaders [Public] / Low cost editing service
« Last post by Victoria on Today at 03:06:38 AM »
I offer a low cost editing service for $4 per 1,000 words (50k manuscript will cost $200). ** discounted to $3. per 1,000 words until the end of August)

I take on average two weeks to complete a project.

I have a Fist class honours degree having studied English and Creative Writing, and a Masterís degree in Novel Writing. I have worked on over twenty-five manuscripts in the past year, including four series spanning between two and six books. I look at plot, pacing, character development etc.

Most of my clients are repeat customers.

You can check out my service page, which includes a few testimonials from repeat clients, here:
This kind of thing drives me crazy.

I'm not very forgiving with email response times. If a vendor I want to use takes more than a day or two to send any kind of response, I figure they're not someone I will work well with and I move on.

People go on and on about how long it takes to respond to an email but it really just does not take that long to shoot off a quick reply before they flit past the message on their screen. Customers are important. All they gotta do is say "I got your email. I'll get back with you within xx days with details. Thanks!"

It's a lot easier to be patient once I know where I stand. For this, automated responses are not adequate. Those leave me with the "did they really get the email" questions that are just as bad as no response at all.
I mean, I have a multitude of email addresses and get a ton of email. I've found that in almost all cases if I take longer than a day to respond, it's because I just don't want to and has nothing whatsoever to do with time management. Being lazy to respond is not a great sign of reliability.

So, answer to the question, not that long at all. 48 hours is usually my limit.
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