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Yep, I started that way and have been thinking of taking some books out of KU but haven't yet. I have an epic fantasy series wide, and an epic fantasy series with KU + an Urban Fantasy there too.

The longer books tended to be in KU at first, now I've included a few shorter ones.

(Over the years, the wide has equally or overtaken most of the Amazon-only titles.)
For example, I can't see a good explanation for why infection rates and death rates are higher in Italy than in adjacent countries. If we don't know what causes accelerated contagion, how do we really know that any model will be accurate.

Cultural issues.

As I've said before, Italians are kissers and huggers. They greet people by kissing them on both cheeks. That's an immediate transfer of body fluids, where the virus is ejected from the body through the mouth. Hugging places the mouth alongside the neck, and transmission could be through the ears.

Another bit of food for thought:

Marketing Loft [Public] / Re: Holding New Releases
« Last post by dgcasey on March 31, 2020, 06:21:13 AM »
I have my next book with my editor right now and as soon as she sends it back, I'll make the changes and then reset the pre-order date, which is August 1st right now. I already have quite a few pre-orders and the book's page says that it will be released a lot sooner than the the first of August. I'm not going to hold it back just because of this pandemic. I'm actually having my best month ever and figure I might as well shoot for the moon while people are still buying books.
Marketing Loft [Public] / Re: Is anyone else splitting books between wide and KU?
« Last post by Wonder on March 31, 2020, 04:13:35 AM »
I have one series in KU and the rest are wide. But the KU thing was a failed experiment and I'll be going back to wide after my KU series is finished. I just want to give the KU readers a fair chance to finish the series before I duck back out.

Cultural issues.

I ditto that and would suggest it's the primary cause of Italy's devastating experiences (and perhaps Spain's as well). Smoking habits and age likely sealed the deal.

Population density is certainly a factor elsewhere, but I do wonder about some of the variances out there. New York streets and subways are crowded, but nothing like I've seen in Tokyo, where the virus has been contained (more or less, I think). Some pedestrian crosswalks there have more people crossing every five minutes than are living in my town. Still, people remain at respectful distances. In New York, it always bump and, occasionally, grind. Culturally speaking, New Yorkers aren't big kissers unless people are putting on airs, which makes me wonder if basic hygiene is also a factor.

If you enjoy going down rabbit holes, Google "Personal Hygiene Around The World". In India, people bathe twice a day (if we're including buckets poured over the head), whereas in America we get by with 6.5 showers a week, meaning we reek compared to the average Aussie, who bathes an average of eight times a week and prefers shower gels over soap.*

I was surprised to learn Brazilians and Columbians are the cleanest people in the world.

Anyway, layering the coronavirus gisanddata maps with hygiene statistics doesn't yet offer any firm correlations, but I suspect someday when all the data is collected we will see a pattern.

I have all my present-day mysteries and 1950s mysteries wide (and a few odds and ends) and two historical novels in KU. I am not sure how much crossover there is in readership, although some people insist they read everything I write!
Wide works well for me generally - I sell far more on Kobo than on
I have one urban fantasy series wide, as well as shorts (also used as reader magnets) and one nonfiction. None of them are big sellers, either on Amazon or the wide outlets. In the case of the series, I can't tell if its sales are low because it's not in KU or if there is another reason. I wouldn't expect the shorts or the nonfiction to be big sellers, but I have to say that the nonfiction sold somewhat better on Amazon before I took it wide (even though it wasn't really getting KU reads).
I have eight books that are "wide" and six in Kindle Unlimited.  I'm curious if anyone else has them in both...and if so, how are the results?

Since I write in different genres, I thought it would be worth a try.  Fantasy, non-fiction and a few others are wide, while I put sweet romance and women's fiction in KU.
I would think if your breathing is impaired, anything that affects your breathing negatively is going to be more severe. I did some research on carbon monoxide poisoning for my last book. Smokers always have CO bonding to their red blood cells. The more you smoke, the worse it is. Now add a disease that prevents oxygen from getting into the blood stream and combine that with the decreased ability of red blood cells to carry oxygen...not good.
Marketing Loft [Public] / Re: Holding New Releases
« Last post by Lorri Moulton [Lavender Lass Books] on March 31, 2020, 03:24:56 AM »
My non-fiction has been selling more than usual.  They're my most expensive ebooks, so I guess it just depends on what people feel like reading right now.
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