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Quill and Feather Pub [Public] / Re: 50+ words a matter what!
« Last post by Maggie Ann on February 14, 2019, 12:50:22 PM »
Struggled a bit tonight. Only 310 words, but I was determined to get something down.

Quill and Feather Pub [Public] / Re: CANADIAN Writers' Support Thread
« Last post by Denise on February 14, 2019, 12:41:50 PM »

I'm using Ingram for one of my books, and I just realized that it's cheaper to order it from Europe. It makes no sense whatsoever... Anyways, if I order it from the US, it's $19.50 including shipping, printing, etc. and if I order it from the UK, it's $13 Euros, which comes to less than the price from the USA.

Does anyone have a similar experience? I only realized it because I was going to send a book to a blogger in the Philippines, and it was cheaper than ordering a book for myself.  :icon_think: Then I decided to calculate the cost to send it to me from Europe, and was surprised.

Ugh. Either way, that's why I never send or do giveaways with autographed books, because for me it's usually cheaper to send the print book directly from Ingram or from Amazon. For this book, I'll do only Ingram, though. I find that I don't sell enough paperbacks to justify two PODs.
Quill and Feather Pub [Public] / Re: What Did You Blog About Today
« Last post by Jeff Tanyard on February 14, 2019, 12:03:40 PM »
Publisher's Office [Public] / Re: The pain of saying no to a trade offer
« Last post by LilyBLily on February 14, 2019, 11:58:43 AM »
It's worth noting that different parts of the arts world have different standards regarding rights--and so do different countries. (The U.S. doesn't legally recognize droit moral, for instance.) Plenty of authors are used to selling all rights in one corner of the biz and to being offered royalties in another.

What is scary and repulsive is a rights grab from the kind of company one would expect to treat one fairly. This is an increasing trend, and we all would do well to fight it tooth and nail.

And rights grabs can come from all directions. I've had a potential service provider try to make me sign a contract making me that person's employer--thus making me legally liable for unemployment insurance and for paying half the employee's Social Security taxes and filing W-2s on the person's behalf. All for a beta read or copy edit. No way. Such work doesn't fit the legal definition of employment--not that employers haven't been cheating their way around that lately by hiring people through temp agencies or calling them contractors, yet demanding employee behavior from them.

Anyway, if something smells like dead fish, keep away.
Book Promotion Board [Public] / Re: New Release Announcements.
« Last post by Jeff Tanyard on February 14, 2019, 11:51:24 AM »

If you pick up a copy, I hope you enjoy it.  In the meantime, thanks for reading, and thanks for supporting indie authors like me.   :cheers
Usually, not a lot of post-writing polish is needed. But I do find the depth in that last edit is like small dabs of crazy clue. I only add about 5% net volume to the story in edits. But that 5% is what holds it together. So, what are my words worth in an intangible sense that leads to very tangible monetary results when I do my own editing?

So I'm not the only one who does this! Even on those last proofreading runs, I find places to add a bit of depth and detail, that add those final finishing touches.

Thankfully, I love my books so I reread them regularly. Every once in a while I catch an error that slipped through. I just finished rereading my latest series and found four errors (out of one million words, so not too bad) that I'll fix and re-upload. None of these are glaring (one example was writing "beside table" rather than "bedside table" so most readers likely won't even notice). Over the years I'll continue doing this as applicable. I know I have a quality product out there, but I'm a nitpicking perfectionist. So yes, I self-edit, but the process is never truly over.  grint

And I'm also not the only one who does this, read my own books for fun. And I keep track of mistakes, and fix them and re-upload. One of my books, I re-read it and decided that a technique I was trying for showing emotion didn't work the way I wanted it to, so I'm going to do a full re-edit on that.
Quill and Feather Pub [Public] / Re: self-editing: what does your process look like.
« Last post by RiverRun on February 14, 2019, 11:02:29 AM »
Ooh - I mixed up copy editing and line editing. I can see now why you might to text to speech before going to a line editor.
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