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Much better than me, Dan. Me and my dragon have managed about four paragraphs of dictation, but having to dictate so slowly, keeps the wordage from flowing. I've deleted every single word so far.

I can't do dictation at all.  I suppose it might be different if I didn't have a choice, but I just can't get used to talking to a computer, especially one that doesn't talk back.  It's bad enough talking to people; I'm supposed to talk to a machine?

I had voice command on my computer in the 90s.  It was cool for a day or two, but then it was like, yeah, I'm just gonna use the mouse.

I sometimes think if I had money--you know, like those writers in movies that always seem to be rich because their first book sold so well or whatever--I could have a personal assistant and dictate to them and they could type it all down.  But then I'd worry they'd be like judging you as you "wrote" and they'd be like, are you sure that's what you want to write? or, even if they didn't, I'd be wondering if they were and trying to interpret every little gesture to determine whether or not they thought what I was writing was any good and then I'd be so sidetracked by that or I'd end up second-guessing everything before I dictated it, that probably not very much would be written at all.

Stupid personal assistants.  Ugh.

You could try talking into a tape recorder and having someone (or maybe yourself) transcribe it later.  I did some transcription jobs back in the early 90s.  The client liked micro-cassettes, so it was good that I had purchased a micro-cassette player so I could listen to the tapes and transcribe them.  Was kind of time-consuming though, as I had to frequently back up the tape to either confirm or make out what was being said.  I don't know what I charged but it should have been more.  LOL.
Ah, I don't have Book Report and have no idea when this started. I just looked at the raw numbers so far until I get a chance to go through it in more detail. I wouldn't have known about it at all had you not posted - so thanks for the heads up. I'll post again if my numbers catch up - or if I have to resort to getting in touch with Amazon.

Here's hoping that it miraculously sorts itself out :)
Much better than me, Dan. Me and my dragon have managed about four paragraphs of dictation, but having to dictate so slowly, keeps the wordage from flowing. I've deleted every single word so far.

I'll get there.
Thanks, Fee.

Yes, it was a Bank Holiday here as well. I doubt that that is the explanation, unless all UK staff had a two week Easter Break that started on the 4th of April.  Grin Itís been going on for longer.

I was missing 9 sales when I went to my mumís for Easter on Good Friday (19th) and itís now up to 13 sales unaccounted for.

I can check mine on Book Report, so I know exactly which books it relates to, even though I canít be sure of the dates the sales were made. Iíll give it to the end of this week to see if they miraculously appear. After that, there will be a strongly worded (though probably grovelling) email to Zon.
Current average is up to 598 words per day.

April 20th:    535
April 21st:    360
April 22nd: 1035

None today yet.

On another note, I calculated that, at my current rate, it will take me approximately 84 years to finish all my WIPs.

I did some recalculating.  At my current average (589 words per day) and if I make some my WIPs novellas, I can finish everything in 23.3 years.  If I make everything (with a couple exceptions) a minimum of 50k, it will take me 34.64 years to complete.

If I could manage to average 1000 words per day, I'd cut that in about half.  If I could write at Amanda Lee levels, I could finish everything in three years.  :hehe

Of course, that is all using arbitrary word count estimates based on popular conceptions of how long certain books *should* be.  But, I don't know about that.  Do arbitrary word counts make for better stories or do they just invite fluff for the sake of padding the word count to reach that goal?  In what way does the final word count really matter?  When you read a story, it either feels like a satisfying read or it doesn't.  Does a few more or less words make that big of a difference?  If you write a story and it comes up short according to some dogmatic word count chart, do you go back and add more filler to meet the word count?  Maybe you overlooked the character using the toilet.  Do you go back and describe the grunting and groaning as he struggled to squeeze it out, then describe how many wipes it took to clean himself?  On that note, is he a wiper or a washer?  Is that a key character trait that the reader really needs to know about?  Was there blood in his stool?  A bit of corn?  Should you, as the narrator of the story, dig deep and describe every detail of the character's bowel movement?  What shape was it?  Did the stools sink or rise to the top?  Does a 5,000 word chapter detailing the character's bathroom experience make a better story, especially if it gets you to that arbitrary word count your story needs to be to be considered a novel in its genre?  Does that make the character more relatable to the reader, allowing the reader to feel, hey, I use the bathroom too?

But I digress . . .  What was the point again?  Oh, yes, daily word counts.  On that topic, none for today so far, unless you count the 410 words of this post.
Hi Gerri,
I've just done a quick tot up of my UK month to date, comparing what's on the sales dashboard if I isolate month to date to what's on the actual month to date section of the reports, and I found that I was down by forty-seven sales.  Things can often take a while to trickle through from the sales dashboard (payments processing slowly or what have you) though, but it does seem like there's a major discrepancy there.  For me it's over a few books and it'd take me a while to figure out which ones.  I'm going to leave it for a few days  to see if one catches up with the other.

I'm hoping it'll sort itself out. If not I'll be joining you in contacting Amazon. I was just thinking my UK total looked a little lower than usual - now I know the reason :(

I'm in Ireland, and we had a bank holiday yesterday - could that, coupled with the Easter weekend, have caused some delays in processing payments, do you think? Was there a bank holiday in the UK yesterday too?

Another rec for Google Domains, they are cheap and simple and professional, won't bother you with endless marketing and upsells, and they have good privacy without having to pay through the nose for it.
One thing that stood out for me is being able to see what search terms people are entering for the automated SP ads. Interesting to see how many people are searching the book title due to word of mouth or seeing the title somewhere else.
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Getting a successful page on Wikipedia is all about abiding by the Wikipedia rules and meeting the notability requirement. The Wikipedia notability guidelines are quite clear if the selected topic or subject has been covered by credible information sources and site, only then it qualifies to get listed on Wikipedia. If the composed article doesnít include reliable sources in citation and as references, then successful publication on Wikipedia is a nearly impossible task.

However, thereís no restriction on how many credible sites and sources to include in your wiki-article. Many professional Wikipedia page creation service and experts include multiple references and cite more than a couple of links to maintain the wiki-worthiness and increase the reliability of the composed content. However, the more credible your cited link is the fewer number of references you would need.  Source and site are considered reliable if it receives a significant amount of coverage from the general public and media. Once you have determined the credibility and reliability of your referenced link, it is important to look in-depth to make sure that the source is authentic enough to qualify as a reference link on Wikipedia. What are the causes of deletion and removal of your page from Wikipedia? 
Is anyone else in the UK having problems with Amazon UK not crediting sales to the Month to Date chart?

It started for me on April 4th and I now have 13 missing sales - i.e. they are shown as units ordered on the Sales Dashboard, but never appear on the MTD. All other stores appear to be working normally itís just the UK site.
I also published my latest book on the 7th April and added it to Author Central on .com and UK. It was added to the American site fairly quickly, but although AC UK says itís been added, it still isnít showing up on my Author Central page.

Iím wondering if I should contact them. The missing sales are all full priced books (£2.99) and thatís a fair chunk of royalties for this prawn to lose.
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