Author Topic: Amazon Advertising - Ads for shoes & t-shirts mixed in with ads for books???  (Read 553 times)

J B Black

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Is anyone else checking out the Amazon Sponsored Products ads for author's books and seeing ads for shoes and T-shirts mixed in? What's next? Also Boughts for an author's book that include items other than books? Personally, I'm not interested in seeing ads for items that are not books showing up in the Sponsored Ad section for a book. Hopefully, this is a glitch on the part of Amazon Advertising and will be corrected?

David VanDyke

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Or it might be deliberate, from advertisers selecting keywords for authors or books to try to find a less-crowded niche to sell their products for the sales this weekend. I think they'll find their ROI is poor, but that would be my guess.
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Tom Wood

Maybe the ad-placement AI scanned through all the #bookstagram images at Instagram and decided that the things in the pictures next to books are a relevant match.

Are you seeing ads for half-eaten donuts?  Grin