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How I would've opened Disney's Star Wars trilogy...
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Because I've been deeply unsatisfied with it...and just for fun, this is my take (on the opening at least). I'm not telling this in prose-style, by the way, not outright...this is more just relating as to how I see this beginning to the first film playing out on-screen:

A giant ship flies overhead through space, jettisons two small craft - shuttles, before disappearing into hyperspace leaving the two small craft to fly to their destination.

Each of the small ships are piloted by Rey in one and Poe in the other. They each have three soldiers with them. They have banter back and forth and we learn they work for the Republic and they're approaching Endor in a race against time before "he" arrives. They also hope to meet and speak with "her", the legend, even though Rey doubts "she" will agree to it. Poe thinks otherwise, he's excited to meet THE Han Solo, maybe even Chewbacca. Rey makes fun of him, yada yada yada.

Meanwhile, on the surface of Endor, deep in the forest there's a rainstorm outside a sprawling log home with a separate out-building nearby. Smoke billowing from a chimney. Inside the home Leia is laying in a bed hooked to medical equipment while Han lovingly looks on. Gives her a warm drink, checks her vitals with the assistance of C-3P0. She tells Han not to worry. They have good banter, along with Han's constant annoyance with 3P0. Leia's taking her terminal illness in stride while Han is clearly worried. He thinks he should summon Luke to see her. Leia disagrees, Luke exiled himself for a reason. Though 3P0 expresses it would be nice to have the opportunity to see Master Luke and his friend R2 once again.

We learn basically, that Han and Leia made a life for themselves on Endor and chose not to be part of the new Republic that's been built out of the fallout from the shattered Empire.

A shot showing some time has elapsed, Han and Leia are woken in the night by something outside. C-3P0 is scared. Han grabs his blaster and goes to the door, turns out it's a couple of Ewoks that Han is less than pleased to see, 3P0 too for that matter, especially at that time of night. Chewbacca shows up from his house which is on their property, the out-building we'd seen before in the establishing shot. Han makes a crack about how nice of Chewie to show up now after the potential danger has passed, what if the Ewoks had actually been someone who posed a real threat, etc, a moment of levity.

Anyway, the Ewoks are invited in and they inform Han, Leia, and Chewie that a pair of Republic ships have landed near "the site". Don't know what the Republic people want. Han and Chewie agree they should sneak out there and check it out. Leia thinks it's a bad idea, I have a bad feeling about this, that kind of thing. Han and Chewie arm themselves, the Ewoks want to come with them, Han tells them no, go home, watch over your families. Han kisses Leia goodbye and he and Chewie head out into the driving rain.

Near "the site" (we the audience don't know what that is yet) Han and Chewie have managed to sneak up near where the Republic ships have landed and they observe eight figures, all armed, near the vessels. Han tells Chewie the plan, but Chewie jumps the gun somehow and Han is forced to burst from hiding and he and Chewie hold up the assembled soldiers and Rey and Poe.

Poe can barely contain his excitement at being held up at blaster point by the legend, Han Solo. Han is less than enthused by Poe's fanboying. He and Chewie take away all of their guns and asks them what they're doing on Endor. Rey explains they've received intelligence that the Sith order is re-emerging and one of their dark lords, Kylo Ren is on his way to Endor as they speak to retrieve the immolated remains of Darth Vader, they fear for some kind of cloning experiment in an attempt to bring the dreaded Sith lord back. They're there to arrest Ren and bring him to face a tribunal on Coruscant. Hopefully nip the Sith re-emergence in the bud.

Han asks them if they actually believe the Empire is attempting to rebuild and Rey and Poe confirm it is happening. Poe hints that the Republic/Senate could really use Princess Leia's wise counsel at this critical time. This angers Han and Rey throws Poe a knowing look, kind of like "I told you so". Poe changes tack and asks Han if perhaps he could point them in the direction of Luke Skywalker's last known whereabouts as the re-emergence of the Sith poses a real threat to the galaxy. Han informs that the last he heard, Luke had gone a little crazy with his Force powers, didn't trust himself with how powerful he'd become and exiled himself on Dagobah. But Han says he has no idea if Luke is still there and he suggested they not disturb him.

Han and Chewie agree to give all of their guns back as long as they agree to arrest Ren, do what they said they were there to do, and then leave Endor and not come back. Rey and Poe agree and just as this happens, Ren's shuttle and two other craft arrive from above and begin to land nearby.

Han, Chewie, Rey, Poe and the six Republic soldiers take up hiding places in the forest. They watch as Kylo Ren emerges and they're stunned to see he has Stormtroopers with him, confirming the rumor the Empire is rebuilding. Kylo Ren has found the site where Vader's remains have laid for decades. Just as our heroes are talking about how to handle the situation, a group of Ewoks ambush Ren and his troops angering Han.

Han, Chewie and all the rest come out of hiding and engage in the laser fight. We get to see cool moments of Kylo Ren using his Force powers. Some Stormtroopers bite the dust, "unfortunately" so too do some Ewoks as well as some Republic red shirts. Soon our heroes start to gain the upper hand, but not before Kylo Ren successfully retrieves Vader's remains and absconds with them in his shuttle that flies quickly away from Endor, one of the Stormtrooper shuttles in tow (the other one destroyed in the fight).

The Republic shuttles were damaged in the battle, Han tells Rey and Poe he and Chewie can likely repair them but not now in this weather. Poe and Rey are upset over their fallen comrades and that Kylo Ren got what he was after. The Republic's in trouble. Han seeing that they're upset and desperate reluctantly tells them they can come with him to his home.

Inside Han and Leia's home, Rey and Poe are in awe to meet Leia. Leia is sitting up, but clearly frail. She dispenses some wisdom, worries about what might happen to the fragile new Republic that's been established. Especially given the news of what Kylo Ren has just done. There's some talk about her brother Luke. Leia tells Rey that she senses something about her that she can't quite put her finger on, almost like a sense that they've met before or something. Rey is taken aback by this, doesn't know what to make of it.

Han tells Rey and Poe if it turns out he and Chewie can't repair their ships, he might be able to give them a lift as far as 'x' (some location known to be a Republic stronghold) in the Falcon. Poe geeks out that he still has the Millennium Falcon. Han plays it off like it's no big deal, Leia makes fun of Han that he'll use any excuse he can get to fly "that thing".

Before everyone beds down for the night, there's an alarm outside. When they run outside to check it out they find a lone Stormtrooper hiding in one of the out-buildings. He begs them not to shoot, that he means them no harm. He removes his helmet, says his name is Finn and he's a deserter, has wanted out for the longest time and waited for the perfect opportunity which Han and the rest had given him.

Finn confirms there are plans to fully rebuild the Empire under someone named General Hux who answers to a self-proclaimed Emperor named Snoke. Finn says they're setting up a base on 'x' planet, the Sith are coming back, etc, they have plans to destroy the Republic and all of that. Rey isn't sure they can trust Finn says they should turn him over to the Republic right away. The others agree. Finn expresses a desire to join their side. Poe says we'll see, that'll be up to head honcho so-and-so.

That's it, that's how I'd envisioned the first Disney Star Wars movie should've opened, and sure I have an idea of where the story should go from there, yada yada yada, but I realize this isn't a fan-fic site and I just wanted to give a rough idea of what I was thinking as it's been on my brain for quite some time. Thanks for reading.
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