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Christmas promo FREE children's ebook
« on: December 08, 2018, 04:54:27 AM »
I'm doing a FREE promo from 7 - 9 th December on The Race (an inspiring story for left-handers)

Link to Worldwide Amazon stores

Vicky’s naturally cheerful nature is often put under strain by the frustrations she experiences through her left-handedness, but then she learns that being left-handed has its own advantages – and in a quite spectacular way.

Vicky’s Granddad has died and her Gran is coming for a visit. Vicky wants to cheer her up by embroidering a cushion as a gift, but Vicky is left-handed and she struggles to learn how to sew. She decides that winning a race in the school sports might be a better idea – but can she do it, especially when Graham threatens to spoil all her plans?

The story highlights some of the challenges faced by left-handers.

At the end of the book is advice on how to help left-handers; how to tell if a child is left-handed; the correct way for a left-hander to hold a pencil and to slant the paper; famous left-handers; percentage of the population who are left-handed; career choices for left-handers and cultural issues for left-handers

The print version will make a delightful Christmas Gift.

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