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[L S May] 99c boxset this week (16-22 Sept 2018) (YA Fantasy)
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Writer of YA paranormal/fantasy/urban fantasy. Book links are in my sig below.

My latest (a trilogy to be) is The Reaper's Heart:

After years of loving Johnny from afar, Cassie is finally going to make her move. She times her day so she can walk him home after his basketball game and talk to him alone. But on that walk the two of them witness a car crash, and Johnny unwittingly reveals his secret: he's a reaper, charged with collecting the souls of the dead.

Cassie doesn't know what to think about the boy she's had a crush on for so long. Her best friend, Kara, urges her to stay away, insisting he's dangerous. But, with no one else he can confide in, Cassie sees it as her chance to get close to him.

Will the reaper claim her soul before she can claim his heart?

My first and longest series is The Innocence Cooper series (complete) - The boxset of books 1 -3 (last link in my sig) is 99c at least until the end of Sunday 22 Sept. Between you and me, I'm pretty bad at remembering to change prices as soon as promos end, so you'll probably be able to pick it up at that price for a day or two after, too.

Innocence Cooper was born to rule. She will inherit leadership of the Council of good magic when her father dies or retires. Every witch in the world knows her name. None can ever know her secret.

Her active power - controlling fire - is granted by the evil spirits, not the good ones. A prophecy made decades before her birth declares she will rule over all evil magic.

For seventeen years, Innocence has done the best she can to ignore it. But then the new kid reveals he knows her secret, he shares her power and he came to recruit her.

Her secret is getting out.

Other works by me - Over the Edge (plus sequel, Through the Cracks - not in sig as there's a limit)
Cierra Johnson wants to die. After years of dealing with depression, her mother's death, and struggling to make friends in a new town, she's out of things to live for. So early one morning, she makes for a cliff overlooking the ocean. But before she can jump, she slips and falls through an invisible portal into another world.

There's another cliff and another ocean, so she means to carry out her plan, until Justin stops her. He can pull her off the cliff, but will he be able to really save her? And will any of it matter at all when she finds her way back to the real world without him?
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