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[Melanie Ray Rodriguez] Science Fantasy Sweet Romance
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Like the wind. . .  :cool: I changed my pen name to something more personal. It worked. I don't want to put anything subpar out on my name, no matter how rushed I get 'cause I attached my maiden name with my married name. It actually looks really cool in the book branding even though it's long. It won't help sales, that's for sure, but it means the world to me. I had no idea how much I missed seeing and writing my old last name since I've been married.

If you like science fantasy, especially with some time traveling too, and you like your aliens or shifters . . . sweet. :heart: You know, a little  :kiss: and that's it? I have some books you might like. (Modifying and adding as time goes by. Not bumping just modifying.)

Yes, I know it's nowhere near Valentine's Day too. My main goal is to get my old books back out there, so that I can start publishing my newer work again. (That's why I am organizing too. It's more for my benefit, giving me determination to keep going.) Besides, I have Christmas just around the corner anyhow too. Two of them so I am focusing on other things. These are coming to lots of retailers and print. If you don't see yours yet, it just takes a little more time. (Click the book to choose where you want to scope the book out at.)

Specific Genre Tagging:

Holiday Time Travel Romances (Science Fantasy, Sweet with just kissing and no foul language. Fun novellas that come out several times per year.)

Holiday Time Travel Romances (Science Fantasy, cursing and can have violent or complicated plots. New ones come out once per year.)

Super Paranormal Heroes.
Kissing books but definitely violent with cursing.

Shifter Heroes: (Science Fantasy, sometimes Time Travel, usually clean.) My shifters are sweet or bad, but they all tend to be on the side of good instead of just as a side dish of sexy.)

NA yet. I am working as I can.  :mhk9U91:

Fairytales: Often violent science fantasy romance.

NA yet. I am working as I can, like above. :mhk9U91:

General Science Fantasy Love Story: (Love Story, not romance. Trilogy written but first one is fixed up and republished.

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