Author Topic: Developmental Beta Reader - available now, special Christmas Rates  (Read 446 times)


Hi everyone,

I have slots available for developmental beta reading between now until Christmas.

My normal rates are $3 per 1,000 - but through November and December, I will be offering this service for $1 per 1,000 words. ** FIRST THREE WRITERS WHO PM ME HERE WILL GET A FURTHER 25% REDUCTION **

Full details are available here: or you can go straight to the booking form here:

About Me: As well as publishing myself, I am currently studying for my Master's in Novel Writing (results due 15th November - all merits and distinctions so far), and possess a First Class Honours (UK) degree,  having previously studied English and Creative Writing. I have been writing and critiquing for over ten years, with a focus on the story and character development rather than spelling and sentence structure. I have helped authors ready their manuscripts both for publication or for submission to agents.

One read through of your manuscript
Inline comments with a focus on areas of improvement
A summary detailing good and bad parts in relation to character and motivation, dialogue, plot and conflict, pacing, setting and world-building and general comments on how to improve your story
I will also point out any glaring grammatical errors, but will not actively search for them, as this is not a proof reading service
A CONFIDENTIAL service. Your manuscript will only be  discussed with  you, and will never be discussed or shared with anyone else.

I want to help you figure out what’s working and what’s not and show you where to fix your manuscript.

Copy editing, proofreading, grammar, and sentence structure (I will correct obvious mistakes, I will not go out of my way to look for them)
In depth developmental editing. this is not a detailed developmental edit. I am happy to clarify my comments, but they are open to your interpretation, and I will be unable to spend too much time attempting to fix potential problems.
I will not fact check for dates, historical, or scientific accuracy etc.

Thank you