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[Julie Ann Dawson] Witchnet and Demons and New Stories...Oh My!
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Marriage counselor Nancy Werlock didn’t want to take over the family business. Unfortunately for her fate, and a bunch of conniving spirits, have other plans. Now Nancy finds herself fumbling through exorcisms and sorting applications for a new apprentice. Because for Werlock women, the family business is demonology. And at the Three Wishes Boutique, the customer may not always be right, but he may very well be possessed.

This Revised Edition includes the complete volumes of Nancy Werlock’s Diary: Season One and Nancy Werlock’s Diary: Season Two.

This revised edition release coincides with an all new episode in the Nancy Werlock story. Episode 17 features two new stories:

Magically Delicious: Eric and Houston attempt to sneak a Leprechaun into the house the day before Thanksgiving.

Family Complications: After navigating Thanksgiving dinner to avoid the discussion of magic around her niece, Nancy gets dragged into a family secret involving Lee’s sister.

Missed a few episodes? Want more information on the world of Nancy Werlock? Or want to read some free stories? Visit the all new WitchNet! Find character details, learn more about the Colleges of Magic, and gain new insight into the nature of the supernatural denizens that populate the stories.
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