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Aerial selfies
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Painters painted self portraits for centuries before photography was invented, so it was only natural that a photograph taken of oneself quickly came to be called a "selfie."

For some time now I've seen the term applied to any camera phone photo no matter who took it. I hand you my phone, you take a photo of me, and I post the photo on Instagram, calling it a selfie. It's still a selfie if multiple people are in the photo, as long as I'm still in it, even if the photo was taken by someone not in it.

Comes now "aerial selfie." It's not a photo taken of oneself while in an airplane, or skydiving. There's an article in AAA Magazine about a guy who flew over the Texas Panhandle taking photos from 5,000 feet. The resulting photo, and the title of the article was "Aerial Panhandle Selfie." Seriously? Did the Earth use a 5,000-foot selfie stick take a photo of itself?

Apparently any photograph is now a selfie even if there's no self in it. Ansel Adams is turning over in his grave.


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Words. They have meanings. Possibly not the meaning some people think they have.
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