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Azalea Ellis

I like to paint.

I do my own covers.

I don't have time to paint for fun, because I'm busy doing things that make me money.

My goal is to give myself more chances to paint the things I want and improve my skills by doing covers for other people.

What you get:

Ebook Cover
High resolution .jpg and .png illustrated ebook cover
Photoshop file with the text on a separate layer than the illustration

Paperback Cover
High resolution .jpg and .png illustrated ebook cover
Print-ready wraparound (spine and back included) high-resolution PDF.
Photoshop file with the text on a separate layer than the illustration

Marketing Graphics-individual items per request
3D rendering of your cover as a physical (paperback or hardcover) book
3D rendering of your cover displayed on an eReader
Branded banner graphics with quotes or 3D renderings of your cover

You can request realistic changes to any cover. Things like:

Branding Symbols/Special Designs

--Basically any small tweak that doesn't require me to re-paint from scratch.

If you like some things about a cover, but would like larger adjustments, I can design a custom cover for you which retains versions of the elements you like.

Custom Covers
I start out with market research into your genre, and can design based on an idea you submit, or from scratch based on the market.
First, you get a sketched design draft to sign off on, and once you're happy, I start work on the illustrating.
I will communicate thoroughly and frequently with you throughout the whole process, and complete your project within the agreed-upon timeline. (I require 2-3 weeks minimum to complete the average custom cover, details to be solidified on inquiry.)
When I'm finished, you'll have another chance to ask for tweaks, any minor thing that does not require re-drafting the idea or re-painting from scratch.
The paperback cover is included, no extra charge.

To grease the wheels, I'm offering a $50 discount on the first 10 covers purchased.

Premade Ebook Covers: $349 $299
Premade Ebook + Paperback Covers: $379 $329
Custom Covers: $599 to $799 $549 to $749 (depending on complexity)
Marketing Graphics: $25-$50

Series Cover Bundle (minimum 3)--Based on a Premade: $299 each
Series Cover Bundle (minimum 3)--Custom: $499 to $699

Payments accepted through PayPal.
To purchase, contact me through PM, or email:

Available Covers


Other Covers by me (Not Available)


Contact me now to receive $50 off your cover!
PM me or email me at

I have limited availability for custom covers, so it's first come, first serve. If you have questions about anything I provide, feel free to ask. I don't bite.   grint