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Anyone Using Amazon's Kindle Create app for their books and ebooks ?

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I was just wondering if anyone here has been using the Kindle Create app to create and publish their books on Amazon Kindle. You can use this app to produce reflowable ebooks, fixed format ebooks, paperback books and comic books. I've been using Kindle Create or playing with it, almost on a daily basis, ever since it came out in early 2017 so I know it fairly well. But I still prefer to put out my ebooks using epub format and that's because I'm a techy guy and would naturally prefer it but, if your not tech-savvy then Kindle Create is perhaps a godsend because I've found that an ebook produced using Kindle Create is definitely on a par with what you can do in epub format. And it's all just point an click. And for paperbacks, I know of no easier or quicker way to format and publish your book on Amazon without errors than by using Kindle Create.

I used it to publish my first novel and was very happy how easy it was for even someone like me, who's often tech. challenged. I really like how the e-book turned out. It's easy on the eyes and the formatting, pages, etc. disappear when you begin reading, what remains is the story, which is what I strive for in my writing.

Thanks for that. I've been using Kindle Create for a while(ever since it was released in early 2017). I also noticed that more than a few people were having problems with Kindle Create on the KDP community Forum, so I wrote a detailed step-by-step ebook called How to Publish Books and eBooks on Amazon with Kindle Create(on Amazon). This book is also a lot more than just a step by step how-to guide on Kindle Create book because it also contains other essential information including tips, current bugs, best practice advice and troubleshooting advice on Kindle Create for the novice. It also contains other essential information such as how to properly format your images for books and ebooks on Amazon and how to avoid niggling formatting and layout problems in the Look Inside version of your ebook. All in all I've been quite impressed with Kindle Create as a helpful, useful and easy finishing-off tool for Kindle publishing.

Link to my book:

Bill Hiatt:
I'd definitely be interested if I hadn't discovered Vellum. Of course, though Vellum isn't that expensive for what it does, it isn't free, either. Because Kindle Create is, it could be a more budget-appropriate choice for authors, particularly those just starting out.

I know that many users love Vellum. But on the KDP Community forum, the professional formatters there don't use Vellum because it seems to produce alot of code bloat(unnecessary, useless code) in the epub or mobi file. So they still prefer to create hand-made epubs for upload. I have to also own up to preferring to format all my own ebooks and books in epub format using Jutoh and Sigil(for ebooks) and using Adobe InDesign(for print books) -- which is my own personal preference. But I can certainly see how useful Kindle Create would be, especially for the tech-challenged and broke indie author/publisher and that's really why I'm all for people using Kindle Create. And if you use Kindle Create together with a free app like LibreOffice(or OpenOffice) to create a properly prepared Word doc then that means that you can publish both an ebook and a paperback book on Amazon at no cost at all because all apps used are free. I really love that idea! In fact, I'm finishing-off a new step-by-step ebook called "Using Kindle Create with LibreOffice on Microsoft Windows" which should also be published on Amazon within the next two weeks or so.


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