Author Topic: Applications for Moderator are being accepted.  (Read 377 times)


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Applications for Moderator are being accepted.
« on: September 18, 2018, 02:30:10 AM »
I'm looking for Moderators, especially for the US day shift, while I'm asleep.

PM me your moderation resume, and how you prefer to moderate.

I wont be appointing friends or just anyone to the position(s).

Ideally, moderators here will be able to detach and retain an emotional equilibrium, even if someone is flaming them. I dont want someone who sees perceived tone and attack in ordinary posts, like some forums and FB groups have. And you need to follow my way of doing it.

I'd rather do without, rather than pick the wrong person. If you can link me to somewhere you currently moderate, all the better.

Please consider the following before putting yourself forward:

  • Moderators must be detached and impartial at all time.
  • Moderators must leave their own beliefs and value judgements outside, and moderate according to the forums.
  • If you have strong views on author issues, or social concerns, consider not applying.
  • Moderators must ignore any perceptions of tone in posts, and moderate on what is actually there.

Moderating is not for everyone. You need to be aware something is wrong with a post, without having an emotional response to it. And you need to moderate it according to moderation guidelines, and not how your beliefs would dictate it should be.

The moderators are here to keep things running smoothly. Your stuff is no part of the job.

And remember, being a moderator is a mostly thankless job. And here it's an almost invisible job. There is no ego-wank here for being a moderator.
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