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Has anybody let D2D create their ePub for use on B&N?


I updated a title and uploaded the Word doc to D2D and, with considerable help from one of their reps, got it to look good in a mobi. Then I downloaded an ePub of that same book from D2D and uploaded it to Kobo. The frontmatter was a little wacky but bearable.

When I uploaded the same ePub to B&N, it said it wasn't a valid ePub. Anybody know why or how to fix that?

On the whole, it would have been worth the money to just pay a formatter to do all this for me. However, I'm treating it as a learning experience and right at this moment I'd like the book to be available on B&N. Either I get the updated version with links to the other books in the series to appear valid to B&N, or I have to revert to the original edition, with no links. Ideas?

Marti Talbott:
I think it depends on your original formatting. I just use a simple word doc, convert it through D2D and haven't run into any problems. Sorry I can't be more help.


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