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Lunaryx Design

Hi there,
I'm Julia of Lunaryx Design, a freelance artist who enjoys creating fantasy book covers that have a slightly dark atmosphere but glow within.
My biggest passion is artwork that portray characters or objects that give the cover symbolic meaning and at the same time represent the story in a way that fits the author's intent.

I do custom book covers for a rate of $600 for ebooks and $700 for paperbacks at the moment.
With a custom cover you will be part of the process from the beginning of conceptualisation, to the first drafts for you to choose from until the final design. I don't shy away from taking suggestions and explore our artistic options together.

On my website you'll also find a premade cover shop that come with personalisation options like changing colors of items or the overall color scheme. There are ebooks and print designs available, but every ebook design can be made into a paperback if needed as an additional option.

At the moment I also offer Premade Cover Wishes. That means, you can send me a request for a topic of your choice that you would want to see in my shop. It is kind of something in between my premade and custom cover service. There is no promise that it will be fulfilled though, but if your concept is chosen, I will notify you and you will be the first person that the cover is offered to. You only pay the cover, once you claim it.

Here are some more samples of my art and cover work:

What do you guys think, is there anything you'd like to know or wish for?
Also, my website is totally new and I would really appreciate feedback and criticism from author's perspectives! So please don't hesitate to let me know any suggestions on how to improve!  :pdt

Kind regards,
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Very nice, Julia. You have an interesting mix of realism and fantasy in those covers. Bookmarked.

As far as the website, I think it looks great!

Lunaryx Design

Thank you, alhawke! :)

Here's a new licensable premade cover which is available in my shop:

The shield is built from scratch with shapes, altered textures and layer effects. It's pretty much the first time I created an object this way.
The wolves were made from one flat illustration and altered in the same way, plus added the long strands of fur.


Lunaryx Design

Hi there, I got a fresh dreamy premade cover in my shop.
Visit my website here:

No generative A.I. has been used in the process.

Lunaryx Design

Hi there,
here's a new premade cover that would fit a post apocalyptic fantasy story.
You can find it in my shop here:

Lunaryx Design

Hi there,
here is the latest book cover I have been working on.
My website:

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