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Deletion Policy
« on: October 06, 2018, 01:28:36 PM »
After time to think, I've turned off the ability to delete your own post. It might appear simple, but there is a minefield behind it.

You can delete your own post any time, with the exception of the post which starts a thread.

If you wish to delete your thread OP, hit the report to moderator button, and use the comment to request the thread be deleted.

Your post(s) will be deleted, but we reserve the right to save the rest of the thread.

One problem with deleting a thread is you also delete other people's posts, without their permission. And while a thread which goes off the rails unintentionally, might be better off deleted, it's the mod's call, or in the end, mine.

Yes, you can either delete all your posts, or have thread OP's deleted by a mod. What happens to the rest of a thread, is up to the mod team.