Author Topic: Bookstat: Amazon Imprints count for @ 1 of 10 ebooks sold (all platforms)  (Read 290 times)


Caveat attached to the article -- I believe Bookstat considers rank in making this assertion. Given all Amazon Imprints are in KU, rank = sales plus borrows. Borrows are not equivalent to sales until enough pages have actually been read and a per page value that equals the book's sale price.

Still, the article is something to chew on, especially considering its 15 imprints only put out a total of 1,552 books last year. And no distinction in terms of ebooks "sold" is made between fiction and non-fiction.



I'm not too surprised! At the start of every month, the top 4-5 spots on the bestseller list are their featured imprint releases. Now, if they would just caaaaallll meeeeeeee.....